Nigeria: Between observance of morality and law

TWO eternal principles among humans to guide, guard, and order their lives- private

and public- are morality and law. Morality depicts human behaviours and conduct which may be good or bad. In order to accept or approve those human actions-private or public-ethics is established by moralists who, by nature, are liberated souls. The kernel of morality and ethics is found in all cultures and religions- East and West- thus: “Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.” This is the golden rule which governs the universe where homo-sapiens are found.

Laws, conversely, are the rules and regulations conceived by humans through the lawmakers- i.e legislative houses, initiated by the executives, individuals, groups, and Interpreted by the Judiciary and which punishes its breaches, not as punishment, but as deterrence.

Non-the less, those who study Nigerian history from 1914 to date before it becomes a-no-go area or taboo, will realise that our law and morality observance in the realm is so unique that observers- God, Heavenly hosts, our  ancestors, founding- fathers, comity of nations and few Nigerians or liberated souls blessed with the effective use of the third eyes- are singing the te Oeum- song of praise to God- for our outstanding respect and unexcelled patriotism for our observance of morality and law.

All these features are apparently noticeable in all we think, say or do as follows:  First, our governance at the three levels structured as federalism- the unequally unique in the world is so admired and praise-worthy that the heavenly hosts are making arrangement to join us to enable them to enjoy or partake of the fruits of our sincere and courageous labours. Second, leaders are unusually law abiding and patriotic that things are moving as ordered or directed. Third, elections at all levels are so ordered and processed that its products are as angels who detest immorality beyond pardon. Fourth, although the organs responsible for the conduct of elections always see themselves as independent, their eternal finishing always depict or prove them as the most impartial electoral umpires anywhere, where there are human-types! Fifth, Judiciary the hope of the hopeless who are standing in the place of God- is run and regulated by law and morality, but as a sanctuary for justice, there are many holy and pious servants who are really best at up- grading the status of the organ.

Sixth, corruption- hydra-headed awful monster- has endeared our realm as the most free from kleptocracy.  Seventh, The electorate, because of perceived glorious patriotism and unusual consumption of pots of porridge from their untoward hunters- their political class- they have becomes so manifestly courageous and bold that they have surrendered their ultimate sovereignty to their hunters. Hence they now see themselves at the Ife market as a smoked Rabbit, which declines to raise alarm when the hunter points a gun at him to be killed and which now raise its hands upwards in praise of its wisdom (rendered into Yoruba language it means; okete -gbagbe ibosi, o de oja Ife, o ka owo lori).

Eighth, the 9th National Assembly is today composed of prominent guards in high offices who have never been found guilty of any awful crimes. Thus, with these angels at the helm of affairs, Nigeria should be ready to have the best of their lives where lamentation will be a thing of the past. Ninth, the Fulani herdsmen comfortably armless with unsophisticated weapons such as Ak47, sticks, (Sanda) guns, knives, swords e.t.c are ravaging all the enclaves of the places where Yoruba and Igbo are found- North and South and none Fulani in other parts of Nigeria, to give relief by murdering, maiming, killing, beating, destroying their houses, farms with awful joy of their sponsors. What a glorious era in the 21st century Nigeria!

Tenth, to the joy and hope of the headmasters, apostles, and disciplines of change and next Level, lslamisation and Fulanisation has been denied to the point where God, Heavenly Hosts, comity of nations are dancing and jubilating for the realm for their journey to self- survival!

In conclusion, all hail Nigeria for our strict and joyous observance of  Morality and Law.

It shall be well with the coubntry, no doubt, our works being our help!


  • Odekayin wrote from Oyo town.