Nigeria @61: Blame failure of past leaders for Nigeria’s woes ― NANS President

The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students has blamed the failure of past leaders of the country for the current challenges being faced by the nation, noting, however, that both youth, students and older people must accept responsibility in the task of rebuilding the country.

NANS President, Comrade Sunday Asefon, in a statement, on Friday, in Abuja, warned against the propaganda of division, secession, disintegration peddled by few compatriots who have lost hope in their future within the Nigerian system.

Asefon said: “At independence, our nation was full with potentials, we were better than the BRIC or BRICS as it were and is, our economy was competing fairly among top nations, our currency was powerful, blessed with diverse mineral resources, we were cynosure and the new bride of the global community.

“These potentials, unfortunately, haven’t translated to reality in 61years. We must find a compass, change the trajectory as a united nation, people bound by collective destiny, as the most populous and endowed black nation of the world.

“There is a moral burden on us as the capital of black people around the world to get it right and we must get it right. This nation must fight corruption and waste like our existence depend on it. Unity, cohesion, and love will follow a corrupt-free, fair, equitable Nigeria,” he said.

The NANS President said in the efforts to reposition Nigeria, the government at all levels must ensure heavy investment in the education of the populace, adding that the country must borrow lessons from Singapore on its journey to becoming a first-world nation by developing young people’s capacity through relevant and focused educational, technological and innovation investment.

“Our school and campuses must be equipped with 21st-century infrastructures and equipment to aid contemporary learning and ensure learning outcome meets the knowledge deficit needed to bridge the gap between the nation’s potential and reality,” he said.

Asefon further noted that courses that are no longer relevant or overtaken by innovations must be expunged from the curricula to allow students to concentrate on things that are relevant to this generation and millennium.

He said: “We must come to the reality of accepting the failure of the past and the right of Nigerians, especially Nigerian students to be agitated, looking for a better alternative, desperate for a system that works, a system that provides equal opportunity, a system that places competence above mediocrity, a system that makes our school and campuses a place to acquire knowledge and skills that could solve the real societal problems and provides an opportunity for a better life.”


Nigeria @61: Blame failure of past leaders for Nigeria’s woes

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