New Oyo lawmakers can’t be intimidated —Adebayo

Oluwafowokanmi Adebayo was elected to represent Ibadan South-West constituency II in the Oyo State House of Assembly. He speaks with Stephen Gbadamosi on what the people of the state should expect from the new leadership of the state legislature and Governor Seyi Makinde.


What is your focus for the Oyo State House of Assembly (OYHA) after your inauguration?

I cannot state something about the focus for the House alone. But we thank God that we (PDP) have the majority in the house; that will make things easy for us to implement some of the lofty ideas we have in the offing.

But the most important thing is that we will not embark on policies that will set the state or the people backward. As for me, I will work out how improved dividends of democracy will reach my people, because without them, I could not have been here today. They come first in my own reckoning. And I believe they will be in the thinking of my colleagues too.

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What is your take on the dissolution of local governments by Governor Seyi Makinde?

That was what former Governor Abiola Ajimobi did when he became governor of the state. It is dangerous for our democracy for a government to work with the opposition at the grassroots level. Above all, they were not properly constituted by the stipulated law. It was, at best, a trap set for us by the previous government; but we have the people on our side. They were wrongly elected and as such, I support their removal.


Do you think the removal of N3,000 from the fees of public school students is enough to alleviate the suffering of the masses of the state?

It is not enough; but yes, the masses can be relieved of some of their their sufferings. In fact, the governor is interested in the increase of our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), but not to put burdens on the people. But, to start with, the governor wants all pupils of school age to be in school, so as not to be like leaders of the immediate-past administration who care less about the future of our children.


As a pro-government lawmaker, what will you do, towards the expected job creation by the new governor?

During the campaign, the governor promised to boost the state income by investing massively in agriculture. I think if such a bill that would strengthen that resolve is passed to the House, we will give it speedy hearing and immediately approve it because we also believe in our agricultural advantage. It will create jobs for young graduates in the state. I am sure that if that is done successfully, our dear state will not depend so much on federal allocations as do most other states in the country.


Do you have the data of the people in your constituency so as to plan for what to do for them with regards to empowerment and oversight functions?

When we start work, that will be done in order to accelerate the development of my area.


Is it by giving them Okada (commercial motorcycles)?

No, we have better plans than to distribute okada. When there is job for the youth to do, there won’t be need to give them okada. It is thinking out of the box that makes the difference in government.


Majority of you are new in the business of governance and politics. How would you gather the experience to run the House in the early part of your tenure?

We are all graduates from different areas of education. I think this is the first time that Oyo State would be that lucky. We will ensure checks and balances. We cannot be intimidated by any circumstance and I need to also tell you that we will not be run-away legislators.


What is your take on local government autonomy being called for in some quarters?

That will be very good for the rapid growth of the grassroots and I think it is a welcome development because it is the closest level of government to the people.


What about the issue of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in the state?

The governor has spoken about that. His decision stands. And we thank God for the peace in the state.