Need to stop pressurising young people into marriage

It is a fact that there is a need for a change of orientation before the   pressure on young people to get married once they clock 25 years would reduce drastically or stop. Many have expressed the opinion that ladies are pressurised by the society into marriage when they seem not ready for it due to many reasons.

The pressure on some ladies to get married early have caused many relationships to break up because the young men they are in a relationship with are still hustling to make something out of their lives and are not ready for marriage.

The irony of this is that most of the ladies being pushed into early marriage   are not usually financially mature to embark on such decisions; it seems parents believe that a lady has less responsibilities towards marriage compared to a man.

Many ladies that have been pushed by society to get married all in the name of being 25, according to research, either get married to a man they do not love and have been struggling to find their marriage fulfilling or they are faced with diverse issues beyond their control, usually from lack of affection.

Many parents believe that marriage is the height of achievement for a lady after education. We are in a civilized world and every individual irrespective of gender wants to achieve a level of financial independence and make something out of their lives; they have dreams and aspirations that they want to pursue which is usually truncated by pressures to get married.

The society should stop pressurising ladies to get married when they are not ready. Marriage is a forever thing, so there’s no point rushing into it. A lady has the right to live her life, love whoever she wants and get married when she feels she is responsible enough to. Ladies should not allow themselves to be forced to do what you they are not ready for because when you are not prepared, the likelihood of failure is high. Don’t give in to societal pressure and get married when you are not emotionally, psychologically or financially mature for it.


Onome Omatsola,


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