Need for agitators to rethink on 2023 election

I think people talking about election not holding in 2023 should have a rethink because of possible consequences of not having one and should not necessarily insist on not having one.

One major consequence of elections not holding is tenure elongation for the Buhari administration. The best and wise option is to focus on producing a workable document for the nation now and not later.

Trying to change the rule in the middle of the game could spell disaster. It would be a big shame if the African Union and ECOMOG troops have to restore democracy in Nigeria if the agitations lead to derailment of the democratic process. This would be like taking many steps backwards.

It isn’t region, religion, tribe or gender of political appointments that really worries me but the disappointment by the time they quit. There is a need to balance the sheet; they come and raise the hope of the people that things will change, but this is not the case when they leave, it doesn’t look like they leave the office better than they met it. There is the need to ask a fundamental question; are they making the right appointments or just being sentimental? Nigeria is blessed with highly intellectual and experienced people in all fields of life, yet, we put the wrong people in office.

  • J.D Korode, 07032284753.


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