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Traditional music distribution channels and labels are known to derail talented music artists from breaking through hence making their music readily unavailable to fans. Consequently, they impose rules, influence releases, and limit overall growth of their artistes. Through our large fan base and availability on the website,Android and iOS,the Naijatastic mission ishelping independent Nigerian artists to easily and cheaply showcase their creativity, grow a large fan base and maintain their popularity.

Born in 2017, Naijatastic is coined from two words; Naija, the slang word for Nigerian or Nigeria and –tastic that usually forms adjectives denoting an extremely good example. As a digital entertainment platform, Naijatastic showcases and explores extreme trends in Nigerian Music, DJ Mixes, Podcasts, Soundtracks, and Radio Shows for listeners, artists, curators, and brands. With the vast online fan base it enjoys, Naijatastic prides in allowing Nigerian music creators and listeners to convene in promoting awareness and maintaining the exposure to Nigerian audio contents both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

Using our advanced statistics, our platform enables artists to measure their popularity in tracking their growth in the industry. Our listeners have a chance to explore new Nigerian artists and engage with them, share new Nigerian music with friends on social media, create and organize favourite music playlists free of charge on our platform and stay updated with entertainment stories and editorials through the “DISCOVER” publication on our platform.

Naijatastic In promoting and maintaining the Afro culture, Naijatastic also spearheads protection of the creator’s copyright by working closely in employing regular automated content identification scanning to make sure only eligible content is uploaded to this platform. Personal privacy is taken seriously and the information is mainly used to personalize your experience and improving the platform for a better service.  We think it is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together to celebrate culture. Welcome and join us in this noble course at

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BORDERLESS: Between Poverty Alleviation And Wealth Creation
Last Thursday, the World Bank stated that the number of the poor in Nigeria would increase by between 15 and 20 million over the next two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Bank country director in Nigeria, Shubhan Chaudhuri, who said this during the presentation of a report, Nigeria Development

POLITICAL ANALYSIS: Nigeria, The Drifting Ship
What has gone wrong with Nigeria? One of Nigeria’s greatest contributions to the literary world, the late Professor Chinua Achebe, endeavoured to provide an insightful answer to the teaser. In his classic 333-page book aptly entitled: There was a country, he wrote: “Most members of my generation, who were born before

‘Nigeria In Dire Need Of Restructuring And Ideological Rebirth’
We are very much like in a war situation even though we often shy away from admitting it. We live in denial on many issues and, as far as food production is concerned and being unable to feed the population, five factors are responsible. First, the weather has not been as favourable as required…

[FULL STORY] Outrage Greets Abduction Of Katsina Schoolboys
There was outrage across the country on Saturday as reports of the kidnap of an unspecified number of students of Government Science Secondary School, Kankara, Katsina State spread, bringing back memories of a similar incident in Chibok, Borno State in…

FLICKERS: For How Much Longer Can Nigeria Endure Buhari?
Two anecdotes, told by keynote speaker, Professor Adeolu Akande last week Wednesday, at a congregation of lawyers, drew the graph of the gripping state of the Nigerian union, in the most spellbinding manner. Two other narratives which strengthened his argument, came in the form of news stories which dominated the media during the same week. The first anecdote by Akande, Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission…

THE festering evil in Nigeria has been going on as if it has the whole world under its feet and that no one would call it to question. Human life has become much worthless than those of cows under it and much consequences are at stake for toying with the life of those precious animals in this our  country…

Yoruba: Put On Your Thinking Cap
I found the piece published here today a compelling read. Titled “The Chinese and Fulani Only Need Patience with Yoruba over South-west Nigeria”, it was authored by my “egbon”, Dr. Babafemi A. Badejo. Please enjoy it! “On December 6, 2020, Aderinwa was on my mind as I played golf at the Sadique Baba Abubakar…

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