NADECO mourns late Pa Ajasin’s sister, Mary Aiyegbusi

A pan Nigerian group, National Democratic Coalition, NADECO has described late Chief (Mrs) Mary Aiyegbusi as an epitome of virtues Nigeria deserved.

Late Aiyegbusi, according to NADECO was a patriot, an educator and a worthy scion of the Ajasin family who died on Friday night at the age of 92 years.

Condoling with the Aiyegbusi and Ajasin families, NADECO, in a condolence message signed by the group’s General Secretary, Chief Ayo Opadokun at the deceased residence on Saturday in Lagos said the late sister of former governor of Ondo State and elder statesman stood for forthrightness, dependability and honesty of purpose.

The message read, “On behalf of the NADECO, we have come to express our deeply felt sympathy for the loss of our most distinguished and highly revered Mama, Chief (Mrs) Mary Aiyegbusi.

Mama and her equally dependable late husband Pa Aiyegbusi were our hosts throughout our important pro-democracy meetings where most important decisions about the campaign for the restoration of democracy to Nigeria were discussed and consummated.

Their residence was the epi-center where Papa Adekunle Ajasin always resides while in Lagos and it was where all the notable nationalists consulted with Papa Ajasin.

Mama was not a politician but she and her husband, late Pa Ayegbusi provided a soft ground for all major pro-democracy meetings that were held.

In fact, the second major meeting of NADECO was held here in one of the halls. She believed and uphold vigorously in the cause Pa Adekunle Ajasin pursued throughout his lifetime. She left for Nigeria a record of service to humanity, service to make life better for other people.

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We would certainly miss Mama for her hospitality and sympathy for the course we were pushing through. We pray that the good Lord will grant her soul eternal rest. May God comfort the children and the entire family and grant them the fortitude to bear the pains of the great loss. Mama, you have come, seen and conquered. Rest in Peace.”

Commenting on the state of the nation and the role of Nigerian youths in nation-building, Opadokun stated that Nigerian youths have not taken their rightful position in the governance of the country.

He disclosed that the future of an average Nigerian youth lies in the hand of Nigerian youth, noting that “It is unfortunate that Nigerian youths have not decided to take their future into their hands.

There is nowhere in the world where power-grabbers and power-holders will donate power to anybody. You must continue on a daily basis to fight for your right and resist all forms of oppression and misgovernance.

The Nigerian youths constitute a large percentage of the country’s population. It is unfortunate that they have not witnessed any good governance. All that they know about is the military dictatorship.

I am sorry for Nigerian youths. They don’t understand that they are losing. Nigeria is a God endowed nation with abundant human and natural resources.

For about 20 years, Nigeria exported 2million barrels of crude oil daily at an average price of 100dollars per barrel. But where is the evidence of such earning?

The truth of the matter was that Nigerian Army captured the entire nation in a military coup of 1966 and since then they have held us by coercive instrument of government to ransom.

Nigerians have been denied their democratic rights to make a choice on how they want to be governed and where to belong.

Since they captured Nigeria, they parcelled the country among themselves. And they are still in charge till date either in total military khaki or in mufti where they are now.

In the sixty post-independence years of Nigeria, the military had governed for 28years. By the time General Muhammadu Buhari finishes his second term tenure in 2023 in addition to General Olusegun Obasanjo’s eight-year, military would have governed Nigeria for 46years.

The military subjugated and abrogated constitutional governance upon which Nigeria secured her independence in 1960. Nigeria is made up of many ethnic groups who have been living peacefully for thousands of years owing to their lands, waters, vegetation, animals and everything before the strange element, the colonial masters, Great Britain interfered.

And when we forced them to leave, they handed us over to local feudal lords who have been trampling with our freedom and existence up till today.”


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