N86bn deposit: AMCON deceiving Nigerians —Jimoh Ibrahim

Businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, has described all information being put in the public domain by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), over a deposit of N86 billion or £172 million and his involvement as lies, adding that nobody in Nigeria can seize his properties.

The businessman, in a release on Tuesday, described that every information about an interim order of injunction collected from a Federal High Court as lies, saying the company only collected the order using false information.

“My attention has been directed to lies being spread around by an institution called AMCON over an interim order of injunction she had lied to collect before an innocent Federal High Court in Lagos.

“AMCON is aware that we keep a deposit of N86 billion or £172 million with Union Bank and AMCON is aware that application to collect the money from Union Bank is pending before an Ikeja High Court. All these facts it has not disclosed to an innocent Federal High Court,” Jimoh Ibrahim stated.

According to him, AMCON deceived Nigerians to believe that they got a judgment against him when there was nothing like that, adding that an interim order of any court last for 14 days  and AMCON is executing the interim order even when the judge had not signed the execution writ.

He added that he had since filed an application to discharge the interim order as he was not in the category of people that could be intimidated by AMCON or any other person.

“It is laughable and a wide ambition to say anyone in Nigeria can seize my property. We shall abide with the law and any interim order of the court even when they are made in error as we are not far away from justice,” Jimoh Ibrahim concluded.

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