‘My wife took my mum’s name to a herbalist, lied that my N1m gold chain was stolen from her’

• He wants to divorce me so that he can sell our house —Wife

“My wife is diabolic. She took my mum’s name to a herbalist. She lied that she lost my gold chain worth N1 million to thieves at a party, while she also caused the death of our 24-year-old son as a result of her care free attitude. My lord, I have moved out of the house because of her atrocities and I want a clear cut from her, please separate us.”

“He’s in the habit of leaving home and moving in with his lovers.  He’s seeking divorce because he wants to sell the house I’m living in. He has sold almost all our properties, including my land.”

A business man, Taiwo Dosunmu, has dragged his wife Omolara Dosunmu before Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that their 33-year-old relationship be annulled.

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Taiwo has sought for divorce on the accounts that his wife was troublesome, stubborn, diabolic and destructive. He added that she was a liar and an uncaring mother.

He, therefore, pleaded with the court to put an end to their relationship and grant him custody of their only child.

He further prayed the court to curb her from harassing or fighting him at his place of residence or office.

“I can’t stick with my wife any longer”, Taiwo told the court. “She has proved through the years to be unreliable and undependable. She’s also diabolic in nature and I believe it’s wise that I run for my dear life before she destroys it.

“As a businessman, I often embark on business trips outside the country. I went into this business early in our marriage and always ensured I left a meaningful amount with my wife for her care and that of our two children any time I was travelling. On getting there I would still send them more money to make them comfortable.

“Unfortunately, my wife wasn’t satisfied with all I did. She complained bitterly that I abandoned her and our children and accused my mother of having all my attention.

“My lord, being a diabolic and wicked person, she resorted to taking my mother’s name to a herbalist, who turned out to be my mother’s cousin.  This herbalist let the cat out of the bag.

“My mother got so much infuriated that she asked that I sent her packing. According to her, she would soon kill me. But I decided to overlook all she did and allowed peace to rein,” he stated.

“My fortune suddenly noose-dived and survival became difficult. My wife was indifferent to my plight. It was my mother who was sending us food stuff and giving me money till life picked up again.

“I travelled to Japan but was refused entry and was deported. I was dropped at Nepal. At Nepal, I was jailed three months. I got in touch with my wife and asked her to sell my jeep, use a part of the money for her upkeep and that of our children and deposit the remaining in my account. But on my return, I met an empty account.

“I travelled out again and bought a gold chain and a bangle at the equivalent of N1 million. I bought this expensive chain for the rainy day.

“My lord, my wife lied to me that she wore the chain to a party and that it was snatched from her neck by thieves. I asked for the bangle but she couldn’t produce it,” he added.

“I sought for greener pasture in Korea and there, I met and got married to my second wife. I got international passports for Omolara and our two children and arranged that our children relocate to Canada and live with my second wife but Omolara refused.

“I bought her and myself two plots of land. My piece of land was illegally taken from me and I advised that she sold hers but she refused. I eventually sold it through the man I bought it from and sent the money to her through our daughter’s account. Rather than thank me she accused me of cheating her.

“I later moved out of our house into another apartment.

“I funded our daughter’s wedding and bought her a car after she got married but my wife never appreciated all I did.

“My lord, I was out of the country when I learnt that our first child, a 24-year-old was sick. I sent my wife N400, 000 for his medical care, but we lost him as a result of my wife’s carefree attitude.

“My lord, Omolara has almost succeeded in ruining me, I, therefore, want her out of my life,” he said.

“My lord, although we have been separated for nine years. I’m not ready to divorce my husband,” Omolara told the court.

“The reason he’s seeking divorce is that he wants to sell the house I’m living  in and I pray the court to restrain him from doing so because our daughter and this house are the only things I have benefitted from our marriage.

“He was in the habit of moving out of the house, abandoning me and our children and moving in with his lovers. He would return home only after he was through with the affair.

“He has sold all the properties we jointly possessed. He lied that he sold my piece of land which could go for as much as a million naira at N250, 000. He gave me only N40, 000 out of this which he paid into our daughter’s account.

“He came to my place while I was sick and removed all the property there, leaving me to die,” she said.

“My lord, he didn’t send a dime when our son took ill. It was his friend and our neighbours who rallied round us but unfortunately he died when being operated on.

“He was never there as a husband and father. He would travel out of the country not bothering about our welfare. I was the one running the home with the stipend from my business.

“It was true he planned to relocate the children but I never stood in his way.

“My lord, it is also true that the said gold chain was snatched from my neck, but he lied that I sought the help of an herbalist to destroy his mother, “she concluded.

After listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade observed that their marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Ruling, the Odunade dissolved their wedlock and ordered the plaintiff to give the defendant N5,000 to pack her belongings from his house.