‘My wife is promiscuous, dresses almost naked, throws her pants everywhere in the house’

•He abandons me at home; has impregnated another woman

Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned till June 19, a divorce suit brought before it by a man,  Ibrahim Jimoh, against his wife, Barakat  Jimoh.

Ibrahim in his suit alleged that Barakat  had no time for him and their only child. He added that she was dirty and promiscuous. The plaintiff therefore prayed the court to abort their relationship and grant him custody of their child.

He further appealed to the court to restrain her from disturbing him in his place of residence or workplace.

Barakat, who expressed surprise at the allegations against her initially declined to divorce, but later agreed to it.

Giving his evidence, Ibrahim said in court: “My lord, I pray that you dissolve my union with my wife today. I can’t stick with her any more. My life is also being threatened and I don’t want to be cut short in my prime.

“Barakat doesn’t have time for me and our only child. She’s always on business trip to Ghana. Our child was handed over to my mother at the age of six months because my wife was never there.

“Her presence is hardly felt when she’s around because she hardly cooks.  She is also untidy and dirty. She throws her underwear, especially her pants everywhere in our room while I waste meaningful time sweeping and putting our house in order.

“My lord, she is also promiscuous. My ears are full of her escapades in Ghana while she carries out her lustful acts right under my nose even when she’s home in Nigeria.

“She has no regard for me. I have warned her against dressing indecently but she turned deaf ears to me. She will leave home almost naked and returns at ungodly hours.”

He added: “I brought our son back home when I lost my mother but Barakat completely failed in her duty towards him as a mother. She would give him only tea in the morning before going to school and leave him to starve for the rest of the day.

“Seeing that I wasn’t pleased with the way she was handling our child, she decided we took him to her aunt to live with. According to her, her aunt has all the time to take care of him. I agreed to this arrangement and I made it a duty to check on our son thrice a week and provide him with the necessary things needed.

“But I was shocked to discover he had been exposed to the vices in the community he was living in. My lord, he was sent to buy Indian hemp on daily basis,” Ibrahim added.

“On one of the visits, her aunt counseled me on taking another wife. According to her, my wife is living an indecent lifestyle and this, according to her, could hamper my future.

“My lord, her family members have refused to come to court with her today because of her shameful lifestyle.

“My wife is arrogant, disrespectful and constantly rude to my parents. She was thus put us at an arm’s length,” the plaintiff said.

“On getting home after the first time we appeared in court, she got me arrested and locked up in the cell for refusing to hand over our child, who is presently living with my family members to her. I was in the cell for four days and was not released not until I pretended to have passed out.

“Since then, I have been receiving threat calls from some of her family members and lovers. My lord, I don’t want my life to be cut short in my prime. I also want to be there for my only child. I, therefore, pray this honourable court to terminate our union and grant me custody of our only child for proper care,” he concluded.

Barakat, in her response said: “My lord, I am surprise at the allegations my husband has brought against me.

“Our child was taken to his mother not because I was not a caring mother but because I was most of the time not around. I stay more in Ghana than Nigeria due to the nature of my business.

“He lied that I am arrogant. My lord, anytime we quarrel he will abandon me at home and move to his parents’ house. I always go there to apologise to him and plead with him to return home.

“My lord, he has denied me access to our child since he took him to live with his family members. He has impregnated another woman, who will soon move in with him. Our son is the only child I have, I, therefore, appeal to this court to rule that he should be put in a boarding school so that we would both have access to him, “the defendant stated.