“My wife fought me on the street, stripped me almost naked”

•He impregnated a friend of ours, gave me N4,000 to abort my three months pregnancy —Wife

The three-year-old union between a man, Adesola Opeoluwa and his wife, Oluwadamilola Opeoluwa has been dissolved by Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan,Oyo State.

An end was brought to the union as a result of the allegations levelled by the plaintiff, Adesola against the defendant, Oluwadamilola.

Adesola in his suit claimed that his wife was troublesome, fetish and in the habit of disgracing him.

He told the court his life was no longer safe with his wife and thus appealed for divorce.

Oluwadamilola gave her consent to her husband’s prayer stating that her husband was irresponsible. She further accused him of being unfaithful to her.  The defendant told the court her husband impregnated a woman close to them.

Adesola, shedding more light on the cause of the disaffection between him and his wife, explained that:”I give my wife and child the needed attention. I ensure they lack nothing.  But despite these, my wife has constantly made our marriage hellish.

“Being a troublesome woman, she’s never tired of fighting me. She raises dust over every issue and ends every discussion in a fight. I’m tired of shouting and fighting every moment. Oluwadamilola’s behaviour is hampering my health.

“Any time Oluwadamilola fights me, she will ensure she tears my clothes into shreds. I work hard but can only boast of few clothes in my wardrobe all because my wife has torn almost all of them.

“She fights me not only in the house but also on the streets; that is in the in public. She ridicules me under the stare of neighbours and passersby. She will rough handle my clothes, tear them into shreds and leave me almost naked. I have become a laughing stock in our neighbourhood.”

He went on:” I’m now afraid of my wife because she’s deeply involved in fetish practice. She has charms and some other fetish items in her possession. Her involvement with the world of darkness has hardened her. Oluwadamilola can go to any extent to get back at whosoever she has a grouse with.

“My lord, Oluwadamilola has once made an attempt at my life. She poisoned my food, but God delivered me from death.

“If I remain with my wife she will kill me in no time. Please separate us, “he concluded.

“My lord, Adesola is a liar. He neglected me and our child and went messing around with women. He never cared about us. I’m in support of divorce. I’m convinced my lot will be better without him, Oluwadamilola stated.

“He was initially responsible and decent in his ways. He used to be a caring and dutiful husband. Adesola would always return home straight from office and share the remaining hours of the day with me and our child but he suddenly changed.

“He started coming home late. I called his attention this but rather than change, he got worse. Gradually, he stopped coming home on a daily basis.

“I later got to know he was dating a woman who is close to us and had gone as far as impregnating her.

“We fought over this and I moved out of his house for a while. Immediately I did, he brought in his new wife.

“He later came to where I was staying apologising and begging that I forgave him. I did because although hurt, I still loved him.

“We started seeing each other again and since the other woman was still in his house, he would take me to a particular hotel where we regularly made love.

“He impregnated me but went mad when I informed him. He just didn’t want to hear about it. He gave me N4, 000 and demanded that I aborted the pregnancy but I bluntly refused, “she stated.