My wife engages in dirty deals; beats, threatens me with juju —Husband

•He’s a fraudster; planned his kidnap, swindled me of N200,000 —Wife

Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned till May 15, the divorce suit brought before it by a man, Abiodun Adeogun, against his wife, Morufat Adeogun.

Abiodun in his suit alleged that his wife was troublesome and could do anything for money. He added that she was an ingrate.

The plaintiff told the court she was no more interested in their union and thus pleaded that it put an end to it.

Morufat agreed to divorce when the claim was read to her.

Abiodun stated: “My wife was level headed and well behaved when we met. It was these attributes that actually attracted me to her. But to my surprise she changed immediately we got married and started rebelling against me.

“She flouts my orders at will and seeks every opportunity to fight me. She always insists on having her way and makes our home hell any time I stand my ground on any issue.

“I stood by her when she was going through challenges but immediately she got a relief, she started insulting me and kept me in the dark about all her activities.

“My wife and the daughter she had from her first marriage both made life difficult for me. They both deal with me with contempt and beat me blue-black. The last time they fought with me, they broke my hand and I was incapacitated for weeks.

“Both of them now threaten to deal with me with juju which is one of the reasons I dragged my wife before this honourable court.”

He continued: “My lord, my wife can do anything for money. She cares less about her reputation and engages in deals which can soil her name.

“I was once whisked away by hired assassins around 3:00 p.m. and instead of killing me, they changed their mind and kept me with them in their hideout almost four days. The gang made a call to my wife demanding for money before I could be released, but she treated the issue with levity. On seeing that she was not ready to cooperate with them, I gave them numbers of my landlady and one other person who quickly sent them N280,000 out of the N500,000 they demanded. She later sent N200,000 and I was dropped near our house around 3:00 a.m. that very night.

“She accused me of plotting with assassins to exploit her of her hard-earned money and has since then ceased to give me rest.

“My lord, I want a clean cut from her. I, therefore pray that you separate us.

Responding, Morufat: “My lord, I curse the day I met my husband. He’s a dupe and has almost succeeded in ruining me. I’m also no more interested staying married to him.

“I got married to him after I lost my husband. I thought he truly loved me, but I later realised he married because of the fortune my husband left for me.

“He helped me in selling my late husband’s house at N2.7million but he kept back a part of this money and has failed to give me till date.

“I told him of my plan to travel to Dubai on a business trip but he refused that I went. He came up with different stories of woes and exploited me of all the money I intended to spend on the trip.

“I once purchased some goods and he asked me to put them in his boot and I did. My lord, these goods disappeared from his boot and he has failed to give me any reasonable explanation as to what happened to them.

“My children are well brought up and therefore can never think of beating him. He’s ill-tempered and gets angry easily. He broke his arm while trying to punish one of them.

After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that more evidence would still be needed.

Ruling, he adjourned the case till May 15, and asked both to come to court with their children and parents.