My mum is my role model — Aisha Idris

Aisha Tolu Idris, the founder of the popular Aisha Secrets, says she has looked up to her mother as her role model, while growing to adulthood.

She said, “My inspiration everyday has been my mum. She is a very strong business woman and I have always looked up to her and follow her footsteps to be a better version of her.

“She is one woman that has mentored me over the years, and others who come around her has benefitted immensely from her wealth of knowledge.

“My mother is filled with God’s endowed wisdom, and I am very proud to say it. It is quite a challenging task to mentor people. She has lived an exemplary life for me and others, yet, she remains unwavering in that task because she sees it as God’s given responsibility to her.

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“My mother is a dedicated woman who supports my dreams. When Aisha Secrets was to be floated, she did encourage me to start something no matter how small, and today, that humble beginning has created greater results.”

Aisha said, she owed part of her success stories to her mum, adding that, “She is such a great woman. If women can be this selfless, to inspire their kids to achieve their dreams, then we will have a better society devoid of rancour and hatred for another.

“Everywhere you go and hear about Aisha Secrets, know that my mum has been the brain child of that project, and I acknowledge the role she has played, and is also playing for us to succeed. Her labour of love has not gone unnoticed,” Aisha said.


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