My husband’s only duty in the home is to beat, hit me like a goat —Wife

•She starves me of sex despite washing her clothes, carrying out other chores —Man

Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has put to an end the relationship between a woman, Roimotu Omole, and her husband, Kehinde Omole.

Roimotu had dragged her husband to court on the grounds that he was troublesome and irresponsible. The plaintiff stated that the defendant constantly shelved his responsibility at home adding that she was left with no other choice than to take up these responsibilities so that their children would not suffer.

Roimotu in her suit also complained of battery. She told the court her husband’s day was not made until he beat her mercilessly.

The plaintiff aside divorce pleaded with the court to grant her custody of their only child.

Kehinde complained that Roimotu constantly refused him sex despite helping her in carrying out the house chores.

Ruling after he has heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted the plaintiff custody of their only child.

The defendant was asked to pay the sum of N5, 000 per month for their child’s feeding and be responsible for his education and health care.

“My lord, I pray that you end my relationship with my husband today. Kehinde’s only duty in the home is beating and hitting me like a goat. He will beat me to death if you don’t separate us today.

“Kehinde to me no longer exists because our child and I don’t feel his presence in the home. He is not interested in how we fare and has failed to meet our needs.

“My husband and I got married six years ago and I have been responsible for the feeding of the family for most of these years.

“He shows no interest in our child’s education and has never contributed a dime towards it.

“I enrolled our child in school and has been responsible for his fees and every of his other needs.

“My lord, I’m tired of living with a man who is just a figure head. I pray that you end our marriage, “she said.

Giving his evidence Kehinde said: “My lord, I admit that I’m stubborn and in the habit of fighting my wife but I declare before this court that Roimotu is an ingrate.

“I love my wife dearly and as such help her in carrying out the house chores because she returns home from work late in the night tired and fagged out. I wash her clothes on regular basis among other things.

“My lord, Roimotu denies me my conjugal right despite being loving towards her. She starves me of sex on regular basis which is one major reason we fight.

“My lord, I still love my wife despite her short comings and want our differences ironed out.”

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