‘My husband wants to steal my house; I always beg him for sex’

•We had sex till 2020; the house belongs to me —Husband

For allegedly sleeping with other women on their matrimonial bed, Mrs Dorcas Ali, dragged her husband, Wole, before an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, Lagos State, to end her 16-year-old marriage.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), she told the court that her husband apart from being adulterous was also fond of threatening her life.

“Whenever I go for vigil, my husband brings different women home to pass the night. I have caught him several times,” the 48-year-old tailor told the court.

“Wole turned me into a punching bag. He always beat me to a pulp and would leave me with injuries.

“There was a day he wanted to bathe me with petrol and set me ablaze but I managed to escape,’’ she said.

Dorcas also told the court that her husband wanted to take over the house she built.

“When I wanted to buy the land, I took him along because I am an illiterate. Only my name was written on the document.

“But when I later stumbled on the document, I discovered that my husband’s name has been added.  It is obvious that he went behind me to add his name,” she stated.

The petitioner said that her estranged husband had been denying her intercourse since 2015.

“I always beg him to have intercourse with me so that I could get pregnant but he was always reluctant and would sometimes push me away.  He eventually stopped sleeping with me six years ago.

“He has a woman who bears him children.  He makes no effort to make me have a child. He is only after my property,” Dorcas said.

She further stated that she took a N300,000 loan to help her husband buy a car, but that he paid back only N50,000 and refused to pay the balance.

Dorcas also accused Ali of stealing her money and implored the court to end their marriage since she no longer loved him.

“I don’t love him anymore. He should leave my house for me. I want to enjoy peace, ”she said.

In his response, Ali denied all the allegations brought against him by his wife.

He told the court he desired that his wife had children for him.

“I want her to have children.  I follow her to different hospitals for tests,” he said.

The 59-year-old driver said that he had never laid his hands on his wife since he married her and that the house in question belonged to him without a single kobo contributed by his wife.

Ali said he slept with his wife last in August 2020 and not 2015 as she claimed.

He accused his father-in-law, who was present in court, as the cause of their problem.

“My wife’s father is diabolic.  He is the one behind my predicament. He has been waging war against me since I married his daughter.

“He wants to ruin my life and has been attacking me both physically and spiritually. He eventually crumbled my business.

“It was also revealed to me where I went to seek spiritual solution that my father-in-law is the one behind my wife’s childlessness,” he stated.

He also told the court that contrary to Dorcas’ claim, he paid back the N300,000 she borrowed on his behalf.

The court president, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, urged the couple to maintain peace and adjourned the case.


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