Mouth watering catfish pepper soup

CATFISH pepper soup, also know as  ‘point and kill’, is a delicious soup. It is called point and kill because of how the fish is selected by someone in a local restaurant, sliced and prepared to the taste of the person. Easy to prepare, it is a favourite local food for most Nigerians, relished both in homes and in bars and restaurants. Most popular in riverine climes, it could be used to eat a lot of other food including yam, rice, ‘swallow’, white moin-moin, among others.

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Medium-sized catfishes

Grounded pepper soup spices

Hot pepper

Dry uziza/ basile leaves

Grounded crayfish

Seasoning cubes

Scent leave





Wash the catfish with lime juice or salt water to remove the slimy coating on its skin. Then, rinse the fish and cut it into bits.

Place in a pot on fire, then add the cut fish, water, onion, seasoning cubes and salt, and heat for 10 minutes. Add the grounded pepper, grounded crayfish and grounded pepper soup spices. Stir  the content thoroughly and heat until the fish softens.

Add uziza or basil leaves and heat for another two or three minutes.

For a wonderful culinary experience, catfish pepper soup is better served and savored when hot with complementary food or wine of choice.