Most Christians pretend not to love secular songs —Ola

Evangelist Olawale Onabajo, popularly known as Ola, is an award-winning gospel artiste, who has performed in several concerts. In this interview with OLAIDE SOKOYA, she speaks on her relationaship with other artistes.

Would you say you have reached your peak in the music industry,  given your popularity and impact so far?
 I have made a tremendous progress in my music ministry since the release of my second album entitled: Do My Own , which was release in 2015. Currently, I am working on my fourth album, which is scheduled for release later this year. My prayer is to have my songs cut across the globe with numerous testimonies as evidenced in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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How did you receive the inspiration to compose the songs?

I composed some of my songs out of the situation around me; some are basically on the experience I’m passing through, while others are ministered to me in my dreams and, also, I get songs from other professionals. There is no limitation or restriction to the environment when inspiration comes into play. I have received song in a social gathering before, where you receive the sound that will disturb your spirit untill you tune your spirit to elaborate it. You may receive some in parts, while some will take few days or some weeks to be composed. Sometimes, you will only receive the chorus, while it may take you few months to have the verse. All depends on how the song wants you to have it.


How would you react to the new trend of gospel musicians infusing secular music and slangs into gospel songs?

It is not in my position to criticise anybody  as we all have different reason and convictions for our actions. However as for me, I believe that the gospel is meant for the street and, sometimes, we need to communicate to the street in the language they will best understand. For you to understand what I mean, you can get one of my songs entitled Connect To Collect ft Kenny Kore, where the basic message of the song is to give you life to Christ but was delivered in a street language. Also, most Christians pretend not to be listening to secular songs, but in their closet, they can sing along with the song and even make all the dance moves. Check out our children parties, wedding and so on, you will be amazed to see our Christian brothers and sisters dancing to all different moves, but are very quick to criticise a gospel musician infusing slang with gospel message and good danceable beat for them to party with.

Not all gospel songs need to be slow and gentle. An aggressive prisoner will quickly get in tune with a fast beat song to the other and beside, we all have different beats that appeal to our spirit.


Some have argued that the infusion is a way to get the attention of worshipers, especially the youth?

I don’t agree but I believe that different people get in the mood with different kinds of music, and our gospel message is not strictly for some sets of people.


It is said that there are cliques in the gospel misic industry, which one do you belong to?

I am not aware of any and I don’t belong to anyone. But it is important we are all together as one in a relationship toward the edification of the gospel of Christ.


How have you been managing the homefront and your music career?

I have a supportive husband and home that believe in my calling. The support I have is second to none, and I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude to my loving husband Seunnlafunmie Onabajo who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of my record label.


What is your relationship with other artistes?

My relationship with other artistES that I have come across is cordial. I am not the social type, but I still find a way to interact with others. I believe in the Ministry of Help and I used to express that in action in whatever relationship I find myself. Other things I do apart from music are numerous.  I am a professional caterer with an outfit that also handles event planning. I present a family show that is presently running on two telivision stations. I am also a movie producer and actress with two movies shot last year.


Who among the popular artistes do you plan to collaborate with and why?

I plan to have a collaboration with Evangelist Tope Alabi , Shola Allyson and Tim Godfrey. The aim is just to reach out in term of spreading the good news to other corner of the world through my songs.


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