Modelling industry due for overhaul ― Walter, model

The prevailing culture in the modelling industry is overdue for overhaul according to Joseph Walter, a rising international fashion model.

“If I have the wherewithal to make a far-reaching change to the modelling industry, I will completely overhaul some aspects of it,” said Joseph Walters.

He declared as outmoded the prevailing payment system in the industry. “Across the board, many models in the industry felt that the payment system in the industry was severely outdated. With no set salaries, many models operate under the guise of “independent contractors” with little to no assurance of timely payment, if at all.”

This system, he inferred, creates room for the blackmailing of models.

“Agencies have threatened or withheld funds if models wanted to leave because of mismanagement. Clients have delayed or refused payments, leaving agencies to foot the bill. In short, the ambiguity of prompt payment seems a contradiction to fashion being a capitalist industry,” he said.

Instituting clear-cut and accommodating labour agreements could curb mistreatment, abuse, and inconsiderate treatment meted out to models and in the long run, help to modernize the model workplace, he avowed, noting that transparency and stricter age limits could also prevent manipulative practices.

The Nigerian-born model, whose real name is Babalola Otitoju Joseph, also emphasized the need for more privacy in the changing rooms backstage.

“We have no privacy at all,” he lamented. “I don’t understand why I still always have to cover myself when I am trying to change backstage at shows. Everyone can walk in and out of the changing area, and if I ask a photographer or filmmaker to leave because my colleagues and I are changing, they get really angry at me because they feel like I’m attacking them for something. They give all kinds of excuses such as “I am not even filming you! ” “I am here for the house.” Nobody cares about how we feel, that we just don’t want people around us while we are getting changed.”


Buhari Urges MTN For Quality Service, Downward Price Review In Cost Of Data, Other Services

President Muhammadu Buhari Friday at State House Abuja urged the MTN Group to make the available top-of-the-range service to its Nigerian subscribers…  Modelling industry due for overhaul  ;  Modelling industry due for overhaul  ;  Modelling industry due for overhaul  ;  Modelling industry due for overhaul.

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