Mixed reactions over Gbajabiamila’s engagement with African Speakers to loose Africa from stranglehold of foreign debts

Hundreds of followers of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila have continued to react to the twitter message on his official twitter handle: @femigbaja, on his engagement with his counterparts from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa on the planned collaboration in the joint task of loosening the stranglehold of foreign debt on our economies, ahead of the 2021 conference of African Speakers, scheduled to hold in Abuja.

The twit message which was posted on Thursday, 17th September 2020, within the space of 24 hours attracted 652 Likes, 124 Retweets and 18 Quote Tweets, spurred public outburst over the compromise of the Legislature in the increase in the foreign debt borrowing, and the need for the current 9th Assembly to checkmate the excesses of the Executive on the overbearing foreign debt burden.

Hon. Gbajabiamila said in the official twitter handle @femigbaja: “Today I engaged with my colleagues from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa to discuss how African Speakers can collaborate in the joint task of loosening the stranglehold of foreign debt on our economies a precursor to hosting the 2021 conference of African Speakers in Abuja.” Excerpts:

@kwerejoe – The way you speak English, reason, engage intellectually and articulate issues appropriately, would you not have been happy if we have your kind as president? We must shun party loyalty and present our 1st eleven in all elective offices going forward, Mr Speaker.

@FrancisAkpede – Am already learning the Chinese language because it is not possible to pay Nigeria debt as it is now, please tell president Buhari to stop borrowing and let us focus on our local resources, we have iron, oil and arable land let the private sector develop asset projects.

@Advsola – This is a good one, Mr Speaker. You have proven that being a speaker is more than banging the gavel or asking aye or nay.

@gugusystems – It’s a big issue! Not enviable! Can we know-how in the first place countries like China have enough to lend? Can we replicate such? How long will it take? How can we collectively muster our political will to achieving this? Can a policy be made to limit borrowing? Debtfree Africa!

@phillyholmes831 – What is the point of borrowing when the government spends the loans lavishly and implement insensitive projects that hardly generate money? How do they want to pay back? We have used over 20years to fix infrastructures and have not finished fixing them.. it seems infinite.

@sadidmuhad – It is a simple thing-first be sincere and patriotic. Stop the rhetorics, stop borrowing, diversify and invest in power and security, actually cut down on the cost of governance-you may borrow from Ghana the unicameral kind of legislature…it doesn’t require engaging small nations.

@dkieghe – But why is Africa borrowing currencies created by humans when it is so well naturally endowed by God? Let’s pause and think. All that Africa borrows to import, are produced from natural resources abundant in Africa. Let Africa equip its people to start producing. #stopborrowing.

@Normofe – Please could you advise who approved the last set of loans Buhari took?

@Arayuwa_01 – Femi like his counterpart in the Senate is a rubber stamp leader, a hypocritical being…

@phillyholmes831 – African legislators have to come together to create the new ‘organic’ African constitution that protects and enables the ‘ordinary’ African’ to be competitive amongst their likes in other continents. Loans are bad if the debtor can not payback. These loans have been looted!!!

@Naijadailyfeedx – See, be real to yourself no amount of meetings will loosen the stronghold of debt buhari has foisted on Nigeria from the unending loans he’s been collecting without the positive impact of those loans in sight.

@phillyholmes831 – It’s simple but ‘we’ always make it complex and impossible. That has been our attitude towards development for decades and that why we are here. Owing so much because we consume and never produce!

@phillyholmes831 – Once Africa can optimize her Human Resources to the possible best, through industrialization, our exchange rates to the dollar and other strong currencies will experience a close in Gap! The more the gap closes the more we shift from borrowers to lenders.

@IAMAdeyanju – Mr Speaker, did you ask them how much A LITRE of PMS is sold in their countries? If they are paid HUGE wages with NOTHING to show for it? If under their watch, youths are being murdered by @PoliceNG SARS? If they TRULY represent the PEOPLE as sworn? How did we get HERE?

@starman4real – As if that will stop them from collecting loan from IMF. With sue respect this tin na wash una no go stop to dey collect a loan.

@ChigbuUrsula – Exactly my thought. If after the talks we still borrow more then the talks are not necessary.

@smsfastlink – Great move, Africa need debt relief to be able to develop. After all most of our looted fund are stalked with them.

@OlalekanOkewole – #SayNoToSelfCertification

@Alanboy74 – Thanks for your great job sir. May Almighty Allah continue to guide and shower his blessings on you.

@giwajazzy191 – I’m glad to read this from you sir this impressive to see I pray Almighty lord lead us for good in Africa and the world

@HapsonMyles – The house you preside over has lost its own image. Reedeming the image will write your name with gold in the sands of time.

@OnyekaNwaebiem – @femigbaja pls you guys should stop deceiving with all this audio meetings. #Buhari and #APC has failed Nigerians

@1_gflame – My Dear Great Leader @femigbaja I am very well in touch with Your good works. You are a Champion, Sir.

@OvieSheikh – If this comes through, Nigeria will forever be grateful to you. I applaud the efforts though.

@ejike_esq – Your party led FG will submit another loan request to NASS and you and SP will find a way to approve it.

@Mkpanam – Nice One my honourable. Keep up the good work of collaboration further greater good of Africa.

@Joechidi3 – Welldone sir. We await the outcome of our economy. Results will speak more volume.

@egwunte – Good Mr Hon. Speaker, but it’s ironical that you approve every request for a loan in the House and you gather people from across Africa to debate how to free Africa from debt. What is really happening? I’m worried.

@otitode – Am so sure debt will be reduced if the government reduces its cost of governance

@bashirtitima – Well done my speaker my governor by the grace of God Almighty.

@Opeyinjesu – Thank you, my able speaker, for the love you have for this country and your effort to make it work perfectly well. We love you.

@Ezeakachidozie – Kudos my Distinguished @SpeakerGbaja for this fruitful engagement. It will surely yield a positive outcome. I believe in your leadership.

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