Methodist Prelate kicks against England Church’s decision on same-sex marriage

The Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Most Reverend Samuel Uche, has decried the decision of the Methodist Church in England to adopt the same-sex marriage and other forms of gay and lesbian activities.

While speaking with newsmen at the Wesley House, Marina, Lagos, he said that same-sex relationships were contrary to God’s principles and laws.

“The British people told us that polygamy and polyandry are bad; why are they becoming morally and spiritually deprived?

“We will never accept it; Methodist Church Nigeria will not accept it, as the official mouthpiece of Methodist Church Nigeria and Diaspora.

“What I am saying now is the opinion of the church; we will not allow and accept it, and if they go ahead to ratify it by 2020, we will severe relationship and connections with them.

“If they do not have moral fibre, they should invite Methodist Church Nigeria to re-christianise them.

“This is satanic, and it is coming from the pit of hell,” he said.

The UK’s Methodist Church had taken a step closer to embracing same-sex marriage after members overwhelmingly backed a measure that opens the door to same-sex unions.

The church members at the Methodist Conference in Birmingham on July 3 voted overwhelmingly in favour of a policy that could lead to the church embracing same-sex unions.

The motion, which passed by 247 votes to 48, “consents in principle to the marriage of same-sex couples on Methodist premises… and by Methodist ministers, probationers or members.”

The vote does not automatically mean same-sex weddings are permitted, however, as the proposal will require a second vote at the July 2020 conference.