Meningitis: Kaduna, WHO intensifies public sensitisation as 12 cases recorded

Against the backdrop of outbreak of Cerebrospinal meningitis reported in some states, Kaduna State government in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) has intensified public sensitisation in Kaduna State.

The Kaduna State Cordinator ‎of WHO, Dr Dauda Madubu disclosed that Meningitis disease is contagious and the bacteria could be passed to each other through the exchange of respiratory secretion by close contact such as coughing, sneezing and kissing and especially living in an over-crowded rooms without good and or cross ventilation.

He further disclosed that one in every ten people carry meningococcal bacteria in their nose or throat without showing any signs or symptoms of the di‎sease and may unknowingly transmit the bacteria to others.

He said, the disease affects both young and old alike but prevalent among young children, adolescents and the elderly with commonest signs of neck stiffness and headache in addition to signs such as fever/vomiting, limb/Joint/muscle pain, lethargy/difficult to wake, fast breathing and Althered consciousness/ delirious/ seizures.

The Coordinator stressed that patients who fall ill can die within 24 hours of onset or can suffer a sudden rapid deterioration of symptoms, ‎adding however that fast medical intervention with. Correct diagnosis and treatment saves lives.

“Meningitis vaccines gives excellent protection, but cannot yet prevent all forms. Different vaccines for different forms are available in different countries of the word‎ depending on which form of the meningococcal bacteria is causing the disease in that community.”

On his part, the Commissioner of Health in the state, Dr Paul Manya Dogo disclosed that Kaduna State between the 1st and 7th of April, 2017, have recorded 12 suspected cases, adding that two of the suspected cases were positive for serotype C of the organism‎ responsible.

He said, “We started contact tracing and picked up 3 of the number of cases stated earlier on. Our Rapid Response Team sits weekly to review surveillance activities who have been directed to meet daily. We have also requested for vaccines to undertake reactive immunization.”

He said, the government of Kaduna State is doing everything to protect the health of all‎ citizens and urged that there is no need whatsoever for the people of the state to panic over the disease.


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