Mel G Doles Out Advice To Fitness Enthusiasts

Born Melissa Gonzalez in Tampa, Florida to Lebanese & Puerto Rican parents. Mel G is a singer, songwriter and fitness/wellness coach. She is also the founder and CEO of Fit Esteem.

In a chat with our reporter, she said her love for fitness began when she was in her teens. “I’ve always been athletic, I played sports and also ran track growing up. Hard training and work outs to get in shape and be ready for competitions and tournaments always gave me an adrenaline rush each time and I’ve always had a passion for it” she said.

She said that asides a love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle it was always fulfilling hearing clients express how confident and beautiful they feel after achieving their set fitness and lifestyle goals. “Making people, anyone feel good about themselves is a gift and I feel blessed I can share that with others” She says. She went further to say that her greatest fear in life is being afraid to live life to the fullest. “I never want to be afraid to live or limit myself by letting fear limit me”.

“I put my music career on the shelf because I truly felt more fulfilled helping others reach their goals, and I also wanted to focus on songwriting more than being the artist” Mel G said. Melissa who says her brand is all about empowering women, says she represents strength, determination, empowerment and independence for all women.

She advises emerging fitness enthusiasts; “Be inspired, and set achievable goals for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps and always make sure you maintain your uniqueness.

Mel G is currently in the studio working on new music specifically for gyms and fitness enthusiasts. She is also working in a book detailing her journey so far in fitness and wellness.

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