Medication without prescription, dangerous to health ― Expert cautions

ABU-UBAIDA Muhammad, Headline of Public Health, Teaching Hospital,  Gombe on Saturday cautioned Nigerians against self-medication, reminding them that it could endanger their health.

Muhammad gave advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gombe.

‘‘Taking medication without doctor’s prescriptions, especially this cold season, is dangerous to health,” he warned.

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The expert noted that during the cold season, people experienced symptoms like headache, cold, catarrh and other health problems but that instead of consulting a medical practitioner, they indulged in self-medication.

Muhammad further urged the people to change their attitude of taking medication without prescription.

According to him, people should consult their healthcare giver when experiencing any symptom, for appropriate medication and eschew endangering their lives with self-medication.

On what to do during cold/harmattan season, Muhammad advised the public to use warm water for bathing and take tea at regular interval to reduce the cold in the body.

He also advised those with pneumonia, sickle cell and asthmatic diseases to avoid exposure to cold and take their regular drugs on time.

According to him, there is vaccine at the various hospitals, in the country that can prevent pneumonia, saying that Nigerians should advantage of the vaccine.

“You should be using appropriate dressing, mind the normal medication you were given and ensure sleeping under the treated mosquito net at all time to protect yourself from malaria.”

He further advised pregnant mothers to attend antenatal clinic, ensure personal hygiene, especially around the genital area and avoid using soap in the area.

Muhammad said that the use of soap around the genital area could kill some microorganisms required in the area and cause ill-health.