Marginalisation: Non-indigenes threaten to boycott Anambra election

Disturbed by alleged marginalisation, the non indigenes resident in Anambra State under the eagies of the Assemblies of None indigenes Association of Nigeria has threatened to mobilise its members to boycott the upcoming November 18 governorship election if the marginalisation of non indigenes initiated by the former governor Peter Obi, continues unabated.

Arising from a meeting of the association  at GRA Onitsha, the national coordinator of the Association  Ibuchim Ezekwere, said that the former governor Peter Obi, during his tenure, denied non indigenes the opportunity to contest any election even as small as the market  leadership election throughout the major markets in the state.

He however, said that although the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano, had come with a different policy to address the marginalisation, the association members demanded full right and participation as it was enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Some of us were born and brought up in Anambra State. We do our businesses here, pay our taxes here, built our houses here while some are not even known  elsewhere as they are known here, so why should they not be allowed to take full participation in the leadership that would bring good development to the state , the south East geopolitical zone as well as Nigeria?.

“We are a legally registered association, and have our branches throughout the 36 states and Abuja and the aims and objectives of the association is to stop any form of marginalisation,  freedom of association and participation in any parts of the country where one finds himself”.

Speaking one after the other, the national secretary and treasurer of the association Dr Okon Antangt from Oron in Akwa Ibom State and Engineer Reignarld Achebe from Abia State respectively noted with regret that there were lots of dichotomy going on in the country with its attendant hate speeches to generate tension and discrimination among  Nigerians.

They harped on the need to enthrone love and brotherhood particularly among in Igbo nation in the interest of the children and children yet unborn.

According to them, the association was formed because of some irresponsible policies of past state governments in Abia, Enugu and recently during Governor Peter Obi regime to discriminate against fellow Igbo citizens in their own land.

Making his own contribution, Professor Olusegun Sogbesan, a Yoruba man and the proprietor of  Onitsha Business School, said the development was a product of dissatisfaction in our existence as a nation.

Nigerians, instead of asking some patent question like the reason for Agitation, how do we come out of it? Who and who would be used as instruments of change to better the lots of the masses, they are talking about restructuring.

“Nobody talks about the revelations of abandoned resources. He contended that if Nigeria must restructure, there are some of the basic infrastructures that must be put in place to douse tension and agitation against marginalisation.

“There is no way Nigerian can just say go without at least providing some of these basic infrastructure.

“None indigenes should, therefore, not be seen as segregation, but a platform to enthrone an egalitarian society where everybody will feel free and have a comfortable life, devoid of intimidation, marginalisation and oppression,” he said.


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