Living abroad has broadened my horizon —Aliyah Sodamade

Aliyah Sodamade is an information technologist and a food blogger based in the United States of America. In this interview by TAYO GESINDE, the brain behind speaks about her foray into culinary arts. Excerpts:

What was your childhood fantasy?

I’m not sure I had any and if there was any, I would say it was to live outside the shores of  Nigeria.  This was perhaps because my late dad (may God rest his soul) always teased me while growing up. He would say  “this girl, I think you missed your flight from the western world to Nigeria.”


What informed your choice of career?

My first love in career was finance, but because of my blog, I discovered Information Technology and that has been life-changing and I love it. I love doing what I enjoy.


 Who were your role models and why?

My role models are my mom and my husband. I live by their teaching, which is that you should “never say you can’t…” They are strong, confident, and compassionate and they always strive to make other people better.


 What motivated you to start a food blog?

While I was growing up, my mom was into the food and catering business and I also learnt on the job as a chef. The main reason I started a food blog was to teach people how to cook. I noticed some people make bad choices of food; eating too much-processed food or eating a particular food the same old way while some don’t know how to cook at all but are willing to learn. That was how came into being.


 What price did you pay to be where you are today?

The price I paid was to invest my time and money.


What is the most defining moment of your life so far?

My most defining moment was when I had my first child.


What has been your experience living abroad?

It has broadened my horizon. Generally, it has been awesome.


What do you miss about home?

My family and friends


What advice do you have for young people?

My advice to young people is that they should discover themselves, work smarter and not just harder.


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