Lifepage CEO, others tutor Nigerians on how to break even in real estate business

The Chief Executive Officer, Lifepage, a real estate company, Mr Clement Oladipupo and other major players in the real estate business recently gathered in Lagos to give tutelage to stakeholders in the sector on how to break even in the now very lucrative venture.

Speaking during the 10th-anniversary symposium of the company themed: “Wealth Creation Opportunities in The Nigerian Real Estate Sector” held at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island Lagos, Oladipupo noted that there are four primary ways to play in the real estate space ranging from being a regulator, developer, investor to being a realtor. For him, being a realtor is the cheapest way to play in the industry as it requires connecting buyers to sellers.

The symposium had in attendance participants from all over the nation with industry experts from branding, financial, educational institutions and real estate businesses as guest speakers who delivered various lectures with special highlights on government policies and framework, growth strategies for operators in the sector, brand positioning and promotions, investment opportunities and partnerships, attracting foreign direct and funding, and project financing options/funding structures, REITs, CPs, bonds etc.

He alluded to the real estate industry report of 2020 by Agusto &CO which states that the Nigerian real estate industry as of two years ago in terms of size, is valued at 3.96trillion dollars.

This he said implies that without any financial contribution from realtors, connecting buyers to sellers will yield them income without hassles a system that has worked for brands in other markets like; Amazon, Nike and many more who play in other industries.

Lifepage as a business according to Clement has thrived successfully in the last ten years both as an investor and a developer, adding that as a developer there are challenges it is tough to play in this market particularly due to fluctuating costs of project developments, inflation rates, among many others.

Oladipupo who is the convener of the symposium further said: “There are several questions to help a realtor set the tone of his/her journey to wealth; “here is how you can make it big as a realtor first is; how much money do you want to make? How many sales will fetch the amount you want? How many products would you put out for sale to achieve your target? And who needs what you are selling or who knows who needs what you are selling? If you can resolve these questions then you are on the right path to beginning your journey to making it big”.

Other speakers who pointed participants in the direction of wealth creation and retention through the real estate vehicle at the symposium include Principal, Alder Consulting, Mr Leke Alder; Best Selling Author, The School of Money, Dr Olumide Emmanuel; CEO, Business School Netherlands, Nigeria, Professor Lere Baale; Fundraising Consultant, Growvest Financial Advisory, Senami Amusu with Managing Director, Meristem Trustees Limited, Damilola Hassan, as the moderator of the panel session.


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