Let’s get vaccinated to be safe and sound to discharge our responsibilities — Ajetunmobi, UK-based nurse

Dr Abiola Oladunni Ajetunmobi is a woman of many parts. She is a princess from Ondo State, a nurse, gospel musician and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Princess Laye Mi Foundation World Wide. In this interview by TAYO GESINDE, the United Kingdom-based Nigerian speaks about her experience on the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for everyone to protect themselves and others, and why she is helping the less-privileged in Nigeria through her foundation. Excerpts:

You are a nurse, musician and philanthropist. What is your driving force?

Women I believed can operate in so many  things because we are wired in a unique way that is unimaginable. My driving force is faith, perseverance, contentment and patience, to mention a few.


How have you been combining the homefront with your career?

My perception about combination of home front and career depends on one’s mind-set and the ability to strive for the zenith. Once your family supports your vision, they will always stand by you hundred per cent  to make it work because they all believe in one common goal.


Why did you decide to start a foundation to take care of the less-privileged in Nigeria?

The list of what motivated me to start my foundation are endless but I must confess, if you have not been there, you won’t and can’t feel what others are going through. I have tasted poverty, lack and humiliation just because I didn’t have what it takes to fit into society. I think that was what gave birth to the passion to assist people and wipe away their tears in any way that I can.


How do you do this since you are based abroad?

I live in the UK, but I do come home(Nigeria) four times in a year. I believe one thing in life, you must have passion for anything you are doing. I feel my people’s pain and I can tell you I’m fulfilled and happy when I am able to wipe away their tears.


What is the Princess Laye Mi Foundation all about?

The aims and objectives of Princess Laye Mi Foundation is to give support to people in dire need, to empower women to be a better version of themselves, to support the aged with basic needs they require to live long and to support school children to achieve without limitation or barriers. To God alone be all the glory.

So far, we were able to achieve a lot before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, the foundation took care of 300 families in providing food stuffs for them to assist them during the pandemic. The foundation’s yearly programme is all about empowerment, free health care services for the aged men and women and giving  scholarships to students. The number of students we gave scholarships increased from 15 to 100 in 2021. So, the foundation is moving and by God’s grace, this year’s programme coming up in December will do much more to take care of the good people of Nigeria.


Can you share with us your experience as a health care worker in this COVID-19 pandemic?

My experience as a health personnel taking care of patients suffering from COVID-19 is that we have been trying to take good care of those who have the disease. We usually advise anyone who has lost her sense of smell, taste, or who has persistent cough or temperature to isolate for 14 days. However, they should seek medical attention if they are getting worse or finding it difficult to breath.


What are the lessons you have learnt during this pandemic?

The lessons learnt from the coronavirus pandemic are: We need each other to survive. Our attitudes towards ourselves and one another  need to be checked by not being selfish. The pandemic has really helped us to shape up ourselves and understand ourselves better


What is happening to your music career?

My music career is flourishing. My last album Grace and Mercy was released in 2017. Another album is in the pipeline entitled: “My sustainer.”It will be released soon by the grace of God.


Some Nigerians still don’t believe that COVID-19 is real. What advice do you have for them?

Covid-19 is real and my advice to everyone is to take precaution and observe the guidelines provided by the government to avoid the killer virus. I live in a country where COVID-19 has killed many. I have lost some friends to the virus. So, my take on the vaccine is let’s get vaccinated to be safe and sound to discharge our responsibilities. I have had my first dose of the vaccine to prevent me from having it or transmitting it to someone else.




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