Lagos motorcycle ban: Oyo to register okadas, operators to have rider’s card

PRIVATE and commercial motorcycle owners in Oyo State will soon be mandated to register their bikes and get a rider’s identification card.

This, according to state Commissioner for Works and Transport, Professor Raphael Afonja, became expedient considering the continued influx of motorcycles into the state as a result of the ban on bikes in Lagos State.

He explained that asking motorcycle riders to get a rider’s card was aimed at enabling the state profile riders for security purposes and identify those with criminal tendencies.

Afonja added that the registration of motorcycle riders would also enable the state to gather an information database of riders and have a well-coordinated and organised transport system.

He said: “Due to the ban in Lagos, we have been seeing an influx of motorcyclists into Oyo State, so there is the need to have a rider’s card to be able to identify people coming into the state.

“So, in collaboration with the revenue collector for the state and with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the unions, we are collaborating to start the rider’s card, which will be used to gather information on those who use their motorcycles for commercial or private purposes. This will also help us with profile motorcyclists for security purposes.

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“This information database, with proper due process, will also help security agencies know those who are in the state.

“There have been incidences of snatching of bags, shooting of people by those on motorcycles. Last year, the driver of the Commissioner for Lands and Housing was shot by people on a motorcycle, so there is the need to identify people who own motorcycles in the state and ensure that they are properly registered.

“We have to put our transport system in place to make it more organised and well-coordinated. Registration of motorcycle owners through the rider’s card will be a database for us to harness information, know who owns what and where they live. There will be other things attached to it, which might include their BVN.”

Speaking on the newly-introduced park management system in the state, Afonja said riders of commercial motorcycles and tricycles would from today start paying N100 daily to the state’s revenue collectors.

According to Afonja, the reduction of the fee from the N200 earlier announced to N100 was in compliance with the directive of the state governor, Mr Seyi Makinde.

He added that the levy would boost the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and grow the economy.

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