Kukah advocates increased deradicalisation campaign to tackle insecurity

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Mathew Kukah, has called on authorities to consider deradicalisation campaign beyond military affairs as a way to achieve maximum success in the fight against terrorism.

Kukah, who is also Head, Justice, Peace and Development Council made the call on Tuesday in Sokoto during the Diocese’s end of the year news conference.

He emphasised the need for larger groups’ and stakeholders’ involvement in the campaign, adding that broadening the horizon would surely enhance achievement.

”Radicalisation should be viewed beyond government burden as community intervention on the targeted persons and children could shape the upbringing.

”It is more of psychology that needed more open ups to incorporate more change of ideology efforts,” Kukah said.

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He commended media practitioners on their public awareness efforts, noting that despite challenges, more had been achieved in strengthening the face-to-face interaction.

According to him, the country has enormous opportunities that people would capitalise to make a good living and other productive means.

He urged media practitioners to dwell more on issues bordering nation building and citizenship awareness.

The Bishop appealed to government at all levels to strive more on areas that merge the differences among ethnic and religious groups in the country.

He called on religious leaders to conduct themselves in a good manner so that the adherents would emulate them.

The Bishop enjoined government officials to always obtain public and stakeholders views when before coming up with policies. (NAN)

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