Kogi Polls: Political party activities minimal ― YIAGA Africa

YIAGA AFRICA has observed that pre-election report reveals that political party activities especially campaign rallies are minimal in Kogi State, as none of the popular political parties in the state (ADC, APC, PDP, SDP) seems not to be engaging voters.

This was contained in a press release by the Media Officer of the YIAGA AFRICA, Mr Moshood Isah which was made available to Nigerian Tribune in Lokoja.

The statement added that WTV Kogi report shows that only 38 %, 1% and 23%, of LTOs, either witnessed or heard of rallies conducted by ADC, APC and PDP, respectively.

YIAGA AFRICA’s Watching The Vote deployed Long Term Observers to all Local Government Ares in both Kogi and Bayelsa State to observe the pre-election environment.

According to the statement, all political parties, especially in Kogi State should increase their activities of engaging voters with their policy plan while soliciting their support and votes.

“Political parties should invest in getting out votes and mobilizing voters to turn out peacefully to vote and not delve into undemocratic ways buying of PVCs and inducing voters of winning elections.

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“Political party candidates and supporters should ensure they promote unity and peaceful election by refraining from any form of physical or verbal attacks on opponents or their supporters.

The organisation also called on INEC
to beef up its oversight and monitoring mechanisms that will further strengthen and ensure compliance to the electoral laws and guidelines, while avoiding unnecessary postponements of polls.

“INEC should come up with a robust mechanism and collaborate with both state and non-state actors to curb the menace of buying and selling of PVCs and other forms of voter inducement.

The organization appeal to security agencies to be more intentional in addressing early signs of violence hate speech, physical attacks, communal crises, voter inducements and other criminal activities ongoing in the pre-election environment.

“Security agencies should engage in active engagement and communications with citizens on the principles regulating security deployment and its operations ahead of the election.

“The election is about Nigerians, every Nigerian has a role to play to promote peaceful elections. Voters should get ready to vote with their PVCs and not sell it for short-time gain.

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