Kogi govt to collect levies from external bakers

The Kogi state government has disclosed that they have started collecting levies from external bakers in order to protest Indigenous bakers and the state economy.

The Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr Kingsley Fanwo disclosed this in a statement issued on Friday.

He mentioned that indigenous bakeries have been paying all their levies to the State Government in compliance with the state revenue law.

The statement read this, “We have seen and read news reports about a letter from a consultant engaged by the Kogi State Government to collect bakery levies.

“Let us place on record that the levies are not new. Indigenous bakeries have been paying all their levies to the State Government in compliance with our revenue law.

“The recent letter was one of our strategies at protecting our Indigenous bakers and also protect our economy from the activities of bakers outside the State who bring their bread to the State without paying any form of levy.

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“No responsible Government will sit by and watch her indigenous businesses lose the local market.

“Our indigenous bakers have complained bitterly about the activities of external bakers who packed their bread to the State in trucks and sell without paying anything to the State Government.
Poor sales by our bakers may lead to job losses, a situation we are determined to use legitimate means to avert.

“As a Government, we have put in place tax relief measures to protect businesses from the unfortunate fangs of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are not insensitive to the plight of business owners at this critical period.

“Relevant Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals shall continue to engage business owners to ensure Government policies are tailored towards improving business health and wealth.

“We assure the Master Bakers of our open-door policy and our readiness to keep listening to them in order to smoothen relationships and factors aiding their production as bread consumers have nothing to fear.

“The present administration in the State has, through her policies, oversees a steady increase in the number of businesses. We work for the people, with the people and will continue to listen to all interests.

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