King David University maiden matriculation holds December 2

King David Medical Science University (KDMSU), has set aside December 2, for its maiden matriculation.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof. Jessy Uneke,  disclosed this to journalists at the University in Uburu, Ohaozara local government Area, Ebonyi state.

Prof. Uneke, also added that the National University Commission(NUC) has approved 17 departments for the school with students getting registered. 

He listed the programs to include Medicine and Surgery,  Pharmacy, Public Health and Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory Science, among others.

The VC also noted that the institution has commenced production of dialyzer and oxygen plants for the treatment of patients suffering deadly ailments like kidney and cancer. 

He however maintained that following the standard of the school, unauthorised movement would not be tolerated in the University as he has engaged different categories of security agencies including mounting of CCTV cameras from the best security company in the country at different points in the institution to ensure the monitoring of movements for adequate security of staff, visitors and students of the University.

“We are engaging different categories of security agencies including the Army, Police, DSS and private security outfits. Movements will be highly restricted. And if you don’t have any business here, you will be shown the way out. CCTV cameras from the best company in the country are in place. The CSO monitors what is going on in the University. There’s also situation room.”

“In dialysis, there is a special kind of consumable, we call it dialyzer that is being used and they very expensive because anybody that is on dialysis will need that being used several times over and over again over a long period of time until the person is able to get a kidney transplant. So, we are going to be producing it here.

“This dialyzer factory and our dialysis unit where we do the liver and kidney transplantation, are constructed by a Switzerland company. We were able to get in touch with them and work is going on. The dialysis clinic will be finished between December and January and then the dialyzer plant will be completed around the middle of next year.

“There’s a teaching hospital inside the University vicinity. Here was designed as a mini-city. To minimize the hazards. We value the students that will be coming here. Our teaching hospital is exceptional. The equipment has all been paid for as some of them are gradually been installed. It comprises of 500 beds,” he said.

“Just recently, we have also started building oxygen production plant and the idea of the production plant is to supply oxygen not just to hospitals but even to schools where they use it or practical and other things and then Agricultural establishments where they use oxygen.

Prof. Uneke however, vowed to stamp out cultism and other social vices before it rears its ugly head in the University Community as according to him,  there will stiff penalties for any student who violates the code of conduct stipulated by the University.

“We have put mechanisms in place to check cultism and other social vices within the University. There will be stiff penalties for offenders. There will also be undertaking by parents and students. Once the rules are contravened, the person is out. We will not allow it to start; the person will be taken out.”

Uneke then described the University as an Ivory tower with international standard added that “What we have is a 21-century World-class University, designed to compete with some of the best outside Nigeria. We have an E-Library, working on a 24 hour light and internet connectivity arrangement. What we have done is to assemble the best brains in Nigeria and experts of international standard with Professorial and PhD qualifications for now”. 

Recall that KDMSU, the world-class university with state-of-the-art facilities, was built by the present administration in the state and handed to Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) to manage.



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