Kano govt seizes over N6 billion fake, counterfeit drugs in nine years

The Kano State Task Force Committee on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs has said since the inception of the committee in 2012, over N6 billion naira worth of fake and counterfeit drugs have been seized, stressing that it has helped in sanitizing the society, the country and Africa as a whole.

This was just as the body disclosed that “we have destroyed all the seized drugs. 20 destruction exercises of seized drugs have been held since 2012, mostly witnessed by the executive governor of the state.”

Making the assertion, the Chairman of the committee, Pharmacist Ghali Sule, in a media briefing organized by the Kano State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) said Kano State used to be ranked number one in the consumption of unwholesome drugs but has now dropped to the sixth position due to hard work and commitment of the committee and other related agencies.

“As a result of the high intake of fake and counterfeit drugs, Kano was number one on the chart. However, activities of our committee have improved our ranking as we are now number six on the chart,” Sule said.

According to him, “if you sanitize Kano of fake drugs you are sanitizing many countries in the region of Africa of substandard drugs because countries like Niger, Chad, even Sudan among others buy their drugs from Kano.”

He said most drug hawkers on the streets of Kano have been driven away because of the activities of the committee, which has NAFDAC, NDLEA, security agencies, KAROTA, vigilantes among others as members.

Speaking further, he added that drug hawkers in Kano have been drastically reduced, adding that they have relocated to neighbouring states.

He disclosed that “just three days ago, we confiscated fake and adulterated anti-malaria drugs, which if left undetected would have affected many, especially pregnant women.

“The logo on the drug is for a partnership programme between Kano State and some international donors on anti-malarial drugs. The partnership had terminated three years ago but these people are still using the logo to manufacture the fake drugs.”

He said more measures are still being taken in collaboration with the Federal Government to stem the tide of the menace, as a site is being built, where all drug marketers, especially wholesalers in Kano will be relocated to.

“All the drug regulatory agencies will be there, including NAFDAC, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria to ensure that fake drugs are not brought in and distributed. Kano governor approved the site and it is almost 80 percent complete.”

He commended the general public for volunteering information and security agencies for their efforts, all of which have assisted the agency in its crackdown


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of hawkers, even as jingles are played by the media to sensitize the people.


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