Kajuru Castle: Nigeria’s hidden haven in Kaduna

Kajuru Castle: Nigeria’s hidden haven in KadunaToo many people in Nigeria, luxurious Resorts and Hotels can only be found in Lagos. This set of people believe that tourism hospitality starts and ends in the South of Nigeria.

Some of these people have not taken their time to enquire or venture out of their locations to enable them see the world of other side of the country.

Thus, they are limited by their inability to take a trip round the country or some selected delectable sites.

One of such sites is Kajuri Castle in Kaduna State.

Kajuru Castle is a luxury resort built in early medieval style at Kajuru village in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Built in 1978 by a German expatriate who lived in Kaduna at the time, this breathtaking architectural master-piece is a tourist wonder of sorts. The style is very European and clearly German with a baronial hall, complete with suits of armour.

Kajuru Castle: Nigeria’s hidden haven in Kaduna
Kajuru Castle

In the castle, there are bedrooms looking like dungeons and several towers with crenulated walls. Beware there are also crocodiles in the moat protecting the castle gates! The road up to the castle requires a 4×4 vehicle.

Located at about 45 kilometres from Kaduna on the Southern Kachia road is the village of Kajuru. If you take the road at the right, in the centre of the town and drive past the Local Government Headquarters, for about 5-7 kilometres, you will see on the left a strange sight on a mountain ridge; a European castle in Africa! Indeed, the first timer may assume he is imagining things or his eyes are probably playing games on him, but this is for real.

The castle is made up of a magnificent large stainless steel swimming pool and well equipped kitchens (it is self-catering for those who can gain entry). It is a Private Property, and entry to this place is not very easy.

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