June 12 global rally, testimony of our resolve towards self-determination ― YOV

Yoruba One Voice (YOV) said its global rally which held on Saturday, June 12, in 174 countries across the six continents of the world, was a testimony of the resolve of Yorubas in the Diaspora to uncoupling the South-West region from Nigeria, in order to put the destiny of people of the region in their own hand.

Secretary-General of the Apex Yoruba Diaspora group, Dr Sina Okanlomo, made this known while speaking in one of the rallies held in Johannesburg, South Africa, recalling that the group had since October 1, 2020, made an overreaching quest for an exit from the country due to what he termed the glaring administrative imbalance of President Muhammadu Buhari in the last six years.

According to Okanlomo, the clamour for a Yoruba nation became imperative amid various imbalances in administrative structure and employment, evil amalgamation treaty, continuous violation of human rights, nepotism, corruption, injustice, insecurity and terrorism under President Buhari’s watch.

YOV scribe condemned the Igangan massacre, describing the attack as a pre-determined carnage that had undermined the efforts of the police and other security agencies, and stressing that the blood of those killed would always seek justice.

While further condemning the Igangan attack, Okanlomo said terrorism in Nigeria had reached the worst level in its history, adding it was time the Fulani were asked to go back home as Nigerians living abroad were tired but couldn’t come back home because reports reaching them about the country was very scary

“Terrorism is now at its worst level in the history of our nation, it has reached an unacceptable level, indeed at an alarming level, particularly if we consider Igangan carnage, it is time to ask the Fulanis to go home. Those of us abroad are tired. We couldn’t come back home because the reports back home is very scary,” he said.

He, however, dismissed as untenable the beliefs that Nigeria’s unity was sacred, stressing that independence for Yoruba nation was not negotiable and those working against Yoruba nation’s struggle were betrayers.

“Yoruba independence is not negotiable. We cannot attain our full potentials within a contraption called Nigeria, as long as we remain in the geographical boundary created by the British.

“We are not free people but a slave, how can we accept Fulani domination as an alternative to British colonization? This is shameful, it must be totally rejected by all and sundry at all cost,” he said.

Speaking further, the group scribe said the choice of June 12 for the Yoruba nation rally was born out of the desire of all the Yorubas in the diaspora to be free from Fulani hegemony, maintaining that the day symbolises hope for freedom and liberty.

Okanlomo, while drawing from the quotations of the winner of June 12 presidential poll, Chief MKO Abiola where he said freedom, justice and equity were very difficult to surrender, in an environment where people were told that “they are born to be perpetual draw of water, hewer of wood, only good for permanent enslavement and domination.”

“We are determined to put off the Hausa/Fulani chains of bondage and be free. We are determined to strive, struggle and fight for as long as it takes to break loose from the subjugation and yoke of vampire neo-colonialists,” Okanlomo vowed.

“The struggle would take so many shapes. There would be high and lows. There would be victories along the way and occasional setbacks. But nothing, no force, no person or group of persons would be able to impede the march of Freedom and the march to Freedom,” he added.


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