Judicial workers strike: Govs are committing impeachable offence ― JUSUN

•Says there is no going back until demands are met

The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) declared on Wednesday that the state governors are committing an impeachable offence for refusing to allow financial autonomy of the judiciary according to the provisions of the Nigeria Constitution.

Against this background, JUSUN warned that the ongoing strike by the judicial workers will continue as long as required, saying that there is no going back until their demands are met.

“For now, the strike is on and will continue until our demands are met, no retreat, no surrender. The strike is total, 100 per cent compliant all over the country,” JUSUN President, Comrade Marwan Mustapha, said.

Marwan, who spoke through the JUSUN National Treasurer, Comrade Jimoh Musa Alonge, regretted that despite the provision of Section 121 subsection 3 of the 1999 Constitution that says that the money meant for the Judiciary should be given to the head of courts, and also the Presidential Order 10 to effect the implementation of the constitutional provision, the governors were thwarting all efforts.

The JUSUN president said: “The President thereafter came up with Order 10 to make sure it works, so the judiciary will keep up again in this country. But the governors came together and they are thwarting this effort.

“That we cannot take anymore, if a constitutional provision is amended and an order is given by the President of this country, and some group of people come together and think they are tin-god, that they cannot respect the constitution, we would take the bull by the horn and fight for our right. The last result of a union’s patient is a strike and that is what we have started and we are not going back until our demands are met.”

He added: “Up till this day, we have not gotten what we wanted. The issue at stake is Section 121 subsection 3 of the 1999 Constitution which most of the governors swore to uphold. They promised to uphold that section of the constitution but surprisingly they are not, which is an impeachable offence.

“The section of that constitution says money meant for the Judiciary should be handed over to a head of courts in the various states. They have refused to do that and in that light, we went to Federal High Court to interprets that section of the constitution, we got a judgement in that matter and it has not been appealed against. Up till this moment, we are talking, none of the governors has appealed against that judgement, so it is still subsisting.”


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