JTehela music debuts with gospel music fiesta @ the Voice Live screening were…

JTehela musical, entertainment and production company, from Miami, Florida, has berthed with a unique show billed for July.

The vision of Gospel extravaganza to be held on the 15th and 16th of July 2016, is to bring together different artistes from all religious denomination for the first time in the United States of America to perform under one canopy. There will be artistes from different countries, such as Ireland, South Africa, Haiti, Nigeria etc.

This event, according to organisers, will be a yearly event as awards will be given out for life long spiritual gospel musical accomplishments.

Jtehela Entertainment and production company has various shows running through the year; a family Christmas fun fair,

a throwback game night which comprises different game contests such as Opon-ayo,  draft, table tennis etc. as done

in the sixties settings with traditional music, refreshments like Asun, Suya, Oguro among other African traditional delicacies, and musical battle of the sexes.

According to one of its executives, “Our goal and objectives is to bring a little bit of Nigeria and other African culture and traditions to the US and vice versa. Also, some of the proceeds is donated to charity”.

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