Job stimulation, growth should be top priority of any govt ― Lagos commissioner

...charges labour movement on dignity, social justice

Lagos State government has said that the top priority of any government has to be the stimulation of jobs and growth, contending that this has to be so because jobs are central to economic growth and political stability of any nation.

The State’s Commissioner for Establishments, Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson Oke, said this while addressing workers who gathered at the Agege Stadium in celebration of this year’s May Day.

“As has been famously noted, the top priority of government has to be the stimulation of jobs and growth. This is because jobs are central to economic growth and political stability. As long as people are busy with their work and are able to provide for themselves, their morale is high, and things are stable.

“Jobs create earnings, which creates demand, which in turn creates production and investment and hence more jobs. It is a virtuous cycle. It does make sense to build random infrastructure even if just to employ people. It may not make sense in isolation but at the macro level it makes a lot of sense,” the commissioner stated.

While identifying with this year’s team, “Another 100 Years of Jobs, Dignity and Social justice in Nigeria,” and expressing confidence that the Nigerian Labour movement would continue to be champions of jobs, dignity and social justice for the foreseeable future, described the struggles by the labour movement in Nigeria in times past as notable and commendable.

Oke said the ministry under him in the last four years had laboured all through to preserve and elevate the jobs in the State Public Service by embarking on, and implementing an extensive training programme for the officers of the service, adding that other agencies of government in the state equally implemented policies that resulted in the creation of jobs for the youths.

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Besides, he said the ministry equally laboured all through its stewardship also dignified labour by appreciating and rewarding it appropriately, pointing out under the leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode “everyone who turned up for service was dignified with appropriate appreciation and rewards in form of competitive, timely salaries and faithful pension contributions.”

“The third arm of this year’s May Day theme is also a driving force of the policies that His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State charged us to implement over the last four years. I am delighted that the labour movement in Nigeria is looking forward to the next 100 years with focus on values including social justice,” Dr. Oke said, even as he enjoined teamwork amongst the workers in attaining the lofty goal set for itself.

“I, therefore, join the labour movement in Nigeria in looking forward to a future where the struggle is focused on uplifting and rewarding values such as social justice,” he said.

“As organised labour pursues these lofty objectives, permit me to emphasise that the struggle of the next 100 years will require team work and synergy with the government. It is of utmost importance that stakeholders should commit to the promotion of the indispensable value of team work in labour and government relations.

“The machinery of organised labour for the attainment of its objectives will become more effective and efficient if all stakeholders rededicate to the values of team work and collaboration,” the commissioner added.