Jaiz Foundation disburses N6m zakat in Lagos

THE Jaiz Charity and Development Foundation has intervened in the lives of no fewer than 85 indigent persons in Lagos State with the disbursement of N6 million zakat to them.

The Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Dr Abdullahi Shuaib, during the disbursement ceremony held at Beleke Memorial Mosque, Surulere, Lagos, in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, revealed that more than 70 per cent of the disbursement went into the education support of students in all higher institutions in Lagos State, about 22 per cent into empowerment and the remaining into health intervention.

The number of the beneficiaries and other attendees was limited due to COVID-19 protocols and regulations, which stipulate that there should be no gathering of more than 50 persons in an enclosed space.

Dr Shuaib said: “At this event today, we couldn’t invite all the beneficiaries because we are observing COVID-19 regulations. We only have some of them who would go home with industrial machines, laptops, among other items. Those who couldn’t make it would have started receiving an alert from the foundation. We hope that when the pandemic subsides, we will target more people.”

In a sermon, the Grand Mufti of the Conference of Islamic Organisations (CIO), Sheikh Dhikrullahi Shafi’i, said the payment of zakat is compulsory for any sane, adult Muslim who has possessed the minimum amount of wealth (known as nisab) for one year.

Sheikh Shafi’i, who spoke on the institution of zakat, stated that the third pillar of Islam is an Amanah (trust) from Allah bestowed upon the donors who have understood that they have to pay zakat when it is due and the administrators who distribute the proceeds to the last group, known as the beneficiaries.

The renowned scholar urged the beneficiaries to utilise the zakat proceeds they had collected, saying, “When it is spent for the right cause and prudently, it will multiply and the beneficiaries today can become donors in the future. So, don’t spend the zakat proceeds lavishly or on frivolities.”

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to newsmen praised Jaiz Foundation for intervening in their financial situation and putting smiles on their faces.

A fashion designer, Rafiat Adekanbi, who got an industrial sewing machine, thanked the foundation for assisting her with the item.

“I got to know about the activities of the foundation through the chief imam of our mosque. He collected my name and assisted with the processing. He later told me that I had been shortlisted. I was very happy when I got the news.

“I am very grateful to the foundation for giving me an industrial sewing machine. It will go a long way in assisting my work, which I began two years ago,” she said.

Yusuf Oyenikun, a 400 Level student of Marine Sciences at the University of Lagos, was given a new laptop, which he said would be of great help in the course of his assignments.

“I really can’t express the feeling right now, but this gesture from Jaiz Foundation is something that really makes me happy. As a student, I need a laptop to do a lot of assignments.

“It is basically part of the requirements for me to achieve great things in life. It will also assist me in doing better in my studies,” he stated.


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