It’s time to renew that marriage vow

I feel excited to write this piece simply because it is the first in the New Year, 2021. So much happened in the past year 2020. Deaths, economic recession, kidnapping, failed health and emotional trauma, due to the unprecedented happenings of 2020. It was also a bad year for many marriages, due to the resultant effects of the traumatic happenings. Some marriages witnessed loss of spouses. Some others broken relationship, while yet others had to succumb to the pressure of the economic recession. But, today as you read this, you have every reason to thank God for the gift of life. You are the champion over year 2020. The year is gone with its trouble. But you and I are standing tall, even with unfulfilled desires and dreams. When there is life, there is hope. Let the champions stand-up, and pop the champagne. It’s a new year with new opportunities to ride the storms of 2020 to victory.

Let me also remind us as married couples that this is a perfect time to renew your marital vow. This is the time of the year that new resolutions are made by most people in many areas of life. Marriage should also not be an exception. You should renew your commitment to one another as couples in marriage. I have discovered that many people don’t know the importance of the marital vow. Thus, they treat it with levity. In fact, a lot of married couples don’t realize that marriage is a covenant entered into by them, and sealed with the marital vow.


What is a covenant?

It’s simply an agreement between two parties of at least two persons, for a particular purpose, which is usually for mutual benefits of the parties involved. In such a covenant, parties commit themselves to see to the well being of each other, such that a failure on the part of any of the parties attracts life threatening consequences. Such is the fate in marriage. You are in a covenant sealed under an oath, with tokens of ring, holy books (Bible or Quran), kisses, and the honeymoon sex bout, even if you had tasted it before your honeymoon.

With all these, you have committed yourselves to the rights and obligations that go with marriage, for the well-being of each other. A departure from these rights and obligations will attract, and has been attracting penalties. That is why a lot of marriages have suffered different things: spousal deaths, misfortunes, ill health, etc. So, married couples need to tread softly in matters of betrayal.

As stated earlier, new year affords us the opportunity to renew our commitment to our marriage. Sit down with each other and look straight into your eyes, and read the marital vow again to yourselves. It will help you to constantly remind yourselves of your commitment to do each other well, in order to avoid unpleasant repercussions. I know husbands who had to pay “sin offerings” to their wives, to be free from such repercussions. You can’t go scot-free for such treacherous acts. That is why it’s a saying in my place that a treacherous person will suffer for it, even if done secretly. That your spouse is not aware does not exonerate you from the repercussions.

So, couples can also help themselves by including forgiveness in the renewal of the marital vow. Say to each other that you forgive any wrong that might have been bringing misfortunes to you, consequent on the marital oath. This will bring healing to yourselves and your marriage.

I pray that this year will bring goodness and mercy of God upon our union, as we renew our marital vows. It’s a new opportunity for double blessings in all areas of life. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2021, in the name of MY Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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