It’s high time you dominated the sphere of politics

presidency, consensus, politicsThere is a lie that I consistently hear from those who are supposed to know better: “You are going to fall, if you go into politics.” This is the falsehood that has been keeping Nigeria in the hands of those who hate Nigerians. If you are called into the realm of politics and you do not go in there, then do not complain when strange citizens set the country ablaze. I am of the opinion that there are too far many “believers”—who can only find fulfilment in the sphere of politics.

If you did fall in the sphere of politics, it means you were never standing before you stepped into the water of politics. If you fall in politics, then you are going to fall in the spheres of education, science and technology, health, media, culture…, because it is the same devil that is driving every mountain of human existence.

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If believers can have Universities, Hospitals…, what makes it bad for believers to have political parties? The Bible says: “All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.” These are the three forces affecting negatively every sphere of human life. For now, corruption is in every sphere of life. The devil in politics is the same as the devil in media. The devil in education is the same devil in politics. Why am I doing what I am doing today? My goal today is to push you to fulfill destiny. If you feel called into politics, boldly step out and get it done. And if you do not know how to get it done, kindly talk to me and I shall be more than happy to guide you.

It is not every believer who would be called into conventional ministry. If God has called you into the realm of politics and you are wearing ecclesiastical robe, you would be like a fish outside of water. There are too far many people, who are wearing cassocks and holding microphones today—who have no business doing so. When you see them, you would know. They have been wired to function outside the spheres of where they are functioning today. And the reason they are not fulfilling destiny is because they are afraid of what people would say.

Until you overcome the fear of what people would say, you’d never be able to fulfill destiny. To fulfill destiny, you would need to step out of a familiar terrain to an unfamiliar one. People would scream and criticize you at first, but when you become successful, those who once speak against you today would end up rejoicing with you tomorrow.

The kingdom is not truly advancing in Nigeria—because the kingdom life has been limited to church activities within varied air-conditioned halls and edifices. We wrongly believe that what happens alone within the “Local Assembly” is “Zion” while everything that happens outside of the Local Assembly is called “Babylon.” When I started taking faith-based principles to companies and government agencies, I was heavily criticized that I was helping to build Babylon. Today, those who criticized me in those days are inviting me to come teach their people on how to transform their spheres of influence, using kingdom principles.

The way to change those of the world is not to withdraw from them; the way to influence them is to engage them without being contaminated. If you do not understand contact without contamination, then you cannot truly live as a rock-solid believer on earth. You cannot withdraw from everything that is happening in Nigeria and think that one day that Nigeria would change on her own. That day will never come!

Also, whoever teaches you that you would not make heaven, because you are stepping into the realm of politics—as an effect of you being wired for it—is setting you up for a life of no meaning! The only place your life is going to find meaning is in your place of purpose/ assignment. You can serve God (with excellence, faithfulness and honesty) in politics!

For the umpteenth time, if you are called to be a Senator, but you are doing something else, you’d never find fulfillment. You may be rich in money, but you’d never find fulfillment. The only place where there is fulfillment is where God wants you to be. Over the years, I have met with too far many people—who are very rich, but unhappy. They are laboring in the wrong fields. They are successful, but not fulfilled.

As religious leaders, it is wrong to tell people to resign from their varied spheres of influence, especially those who are not called into conventional ministry. I met with a young-lady in recent times, who is so passionately about politics. She wants to make a huge difference in the sphere of politics, not for herself, but for the common man. But I was sad when she said to me that her religious leader rose against her. She was told to leave the realm of politics for conventional ministry. Her leader does not understand that she could serve humanity according to the will of God in politics just as “Wilberforce” did in his day.

Politics is not evil. It only takes the face and character of those in it. Many people think politics is evil, because of the kind of people who are currently in it. When clean, honest, creative and sensible people dominate the sphere of politics, it will become clean and good, but the truth is; politics as it is in Nigeria today is not going to clean itself. Rise and step into the realm of politics, on the condition that you are wired for it. You are going to make mistakes, but ultimately, you will make it and generations to come will give God thanks for your life, for stepping into it to add value to the common man. It is high time you stepped into politics.

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