‘It’s bad that people don’t take artistes outside Lagos seriously’

Walter Chukason a.k.a De Double C is a musical artiste from Anambra State who believes his talent can take him very far in the Nigerian music industry. In this chat, he reveals his journey so far and plans for the future.


What kind of music do you do?

For me, my kind of music is Afro Hip Hop and a little Rhythm and Blues (R and B). If you listen to my songs, you will understand me better.

Why did you go into music?

Music is an inbuilt thing. It’s in my family. I come from a family where everyone is into music. It’s a passion for me because it’s what I like to do. Music is a natural thing for me, that’s why composing songs is easy because it flows from my inner being. I delved into music because I want to use my music to pass a message of hope, love and unity to the world. With good music, one can experience inner healing to the soul.

What are the challenges you face as an artiste?

The challenges I face is what most artistes have faced or facing too. In terms of established and up coming artistes, the challenges are getting radio stations and DJs to promote your songs; one has to pay a huge amount of money even if the songs are very good. It is now a case of the money you can pay not the content or quality. Another challenge is the location factor; everyone believes that Lagos is the nerve centre of music and that you have to be there for you to break through and be known. If you are not in Lagos, you are not a known or established artiste. You can’t be acknowledged or celebrated.

It is also difficult for you to get people to believe in you to the extent of investing in your music career. One has to do this in his or her own.

What’s the next phase for you?

I am looking forward to featuring top artistes to collaborate on my songs. I also want to be rated as an A-list artiste in the next five years with my songs being played all around the world.


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