Involve private organization in refuse management, Analyst tells Benue govt

AN Entrepreneur in Benue State, Chief Isaac Akinkunmi has called on the state government to involve private organizations in the management of environmental sanitation, particularly, dumping and collection of refuse in the state.

Akinkunmi who paid an official visit   to the management of Benue State Environmental Sanitation Agency yesterday said that through this all the garbage that litter major roads in the capital city will be adequately managed and enhance beauty if the state.

While stating that there were benefits in private partnership in the management of collection and disposal of refuse, Akinkunmi said aside of creation of more jobs to teeming youths, it would also serve as revenue generation to the state.

He lamented the indiscriminate dumping of refuse on road dividers by residents of the state and called on the sanitation agency to evolve modern ways of disposing refuse by creating refuse collection centers.

The entrepreneur who is also a social analyst called on the agency to educate the residents on the need to create garbage centers at designated places and allow private organizations to be involved in collection and disposal of refuse generated by the people.

“I will suggest to the agency the need for private public partnership in the management of refuse disposal in the state which should be backed up with legislation.”

“It is a known fact that every residence generates refuse through sachet water, broken bottles, rotten foods, etc. and dumping it on road dividers in the capital city, this is where government should come in to engage private people to go door to door collect refuse and dump at central garbage center at a designated place which must be provided by the agency.”

“Through this more jobs will be created and money will also be generated to the government coffer and punishment be meted out to those who break the law, all these will help in keeping the state clean,” he concluded.

General Manager of BENSESA, Engineer, Andrew Chiver in his response explained that the agency is faced with many challenges.

“What we need is patriotism and attitudinal change of our people who believe that government should do everything for them without paying and in some cases where we intended to apply the law to the letter our officials in most cases are also been molested”, he said.

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