#InternationalMensDay: What people say about Nigerian men

Nigerians, on Tuesday, joined their counterparts all over the world to celebrate the 2019 International Men’s Day (IMD), as they took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to express their views on issues pertaining to men during the global celebration.

International Men’s Day is an annual international event celebrated on 19 November.

he yearly event is focused on men’s and boys’ health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting discrimination against men, and promoting male role models.

It is also an event to celebrate boys and men’s achievements and contributions, in particular, their contributions to community, family, marriage, and childcare.

A Twitter user with the handle Tobi of Neptune @jokotoyetobi said: “If you know what men go through just to make money, you’ll respect and value the little they gave to you, It is not easy Charlie.

“#InternationalMensDay” https://twitter.com/jokotoyetobi/status/1196782667267760133

princess @priscasongs said: “To the men who love God

“To the men who respect women

“To the men who empower women

“To the men who brings peace & happiness

“To the men who don’t abuse women

“Happy #InternationalMensDay to you all. You the real MVP!” https://twitter.com/priscasongs/status/1196762206299402240

Dr. Dípò Awójídé @OgbeniDipo said: “I want to use this opportunity to celebrate our amiable Dr Oladipo Awojide on #InternationalMensDay.

“May God continue to bless you for all you do for young people Dipo.

“Your best is yet to come. Don’t get tired of investing in lives in your own little way, and doing good.” https://twitter.com/OgbeniDipo/status/1196765690113515523

Andy Obuoforibo @andyRoidO said: “Happy #InternationalMensDay to all the men on my Timeline

“Keep doing you. A man is something you are, not something you earn.

“There is no standard for being a man that you are falling short of.

“You already are.

“I see the pressure and weight.

“Carry then however you choose. https://twitter.com/andyRoidO/status/1196794721013784577

In celebrating the International Men’s day, ABDDUL-SEMIU OLADIMEJI @BadmanisDimka tweeted that: “Happy #InternationalMensDay

“To all Men that are Loyal to their Spouse.

“Men that Never Breaks the Bro Code.

“In Short to all Gentlemen in the World which My Father is One of them and I’m working hard to be part of them.

“You are a true definition of not all men are Scum. https://twitter.com/BadmanisDimka/status/1196779193671045121

Son, Lamb, Knife @adedayo_agarau said: “Yesterday I was in a terrible place in my head. I admitted it and asked for strength.

“Friends reached out. I’m better.

“I’m a human and not too strong to ask for help.

“To everyone going through shit, reach out to someone.


Another Twitter user, Martins Udotai @Martozium said: “Men, do the one wey your power reach.

“Na man, you be”, don kill many men.

“#InternationalMensDay” https://twitter.com/Martozium/status/1196794558807445509

Uncle Chu @Chubiei tweeted: “To the father that never left and provided at all cost!

“To the man that believes in women rights!

“To the man that never raises his hands on a lady!

“To the man that never indulges in rape or Adultery!

“Happy #InternationalMensDay
“You the real MVP!!!!” https://twitter.com/Chubiei/status/1196753828118446081

Another twitter user, oyinkansade @honeydropz999 tweeted: “Dear men,

“It’s okay to cry

“It’s okay to be vulnerable

“It’s okay to be kind

“It’s okay to show feelings

“It’s okay to listen

“Its okay to speak up

“It’s okay to need help

“Its okay to need support

“It’s okay to not always have the answers

“It’s okay to be human

“#InternationalMensDay” https://twitter.com/honeydropz999/status/1196731440026857473

Emmanuel Ongaro @Its_manu_ said: “Happy #InternationalMensDay to all men out there. You contributions matter.”

DANNY WALTER @Cutewalterr said: “Happy #InternationalMensDay to Men who don’t hit their Women, Men who don’t Abuse Women, Men who don’t cheat on Women, Men who support their Women.
“Y’all are proof that Men are not trash and We’re proud of you.  https://twitter.com/Cutewalterr/status/1196730053935140864

OLUWAFIFUNMI @FifunmiRexx said: “To me defying the odds and succeeding

“To me striving in a competitive world and accomplishing set goals

“To me being a human before anything else

“To me living for a better world

“To me being a wonderful future father

“To me being a loving future husband

“Happy #InternationalMensDay  https://twitter.com/FifunmiRexx/status/1196724182903644161

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