Internal crises won’t make Nigeria to lead Africa —Kure

National Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Apostle Emmanuel, Nuhu Kure, who recently visited Ibadan, Oyo State, for a special prayer meeting tagged “Prophecy Convocation 2019”, speaks with SEYI SOKOYA on the RUGA controversy and the challenges facing the body of Christ.


What is your reaction to the various challenges facing the country?

We are in a very sensitive period of transition in this nation and this is the time when God is picking people from the pit of hell they have gone through, resting them and their destinies and placing them in new places where Satan cannot touch. Except you understand the ways of the Lord, you cannot enter His glory and our business this time as midwives is to help people to enter into that glory and break the yokes of strange patterns that have not only bedevilled our nation, but also significantly manifested in individual lives. People are going through all kinds of troubles; it is not just about our economy. The question is why is the economy refusing to improve despite efforts the governments, both the current and the past, are putting into it. So, the Lord has shown us what is behind it and He is asking us as midwives to help Nigeria give birth in this day of His visitation from heaven. Nigeria is behind the clock in taking its leadership position in Africa and giving Africa the kind of leadership the continent has been waiting for. But God cannot wait for us, the coming of Jesus is at hand and His programme is already set. So, we are either part of it or God will choose other nations to replace us.

Buhari signs bill to establish Daura Federal Poly, others

As a northerner, what is your position on the rural grazing area planned by the government whose implementation has now been suspended?

I happen to come from the North, Kaduna precisely, and I must tell you, Nigeria must continue to resist the RUGA idea. President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t seem to have solutions to the problems in the land. The issue of Fulani unrest is not limited to Nigeria. It is everywhere. The same problem is happening in Mali now. In Niger, they are leaving the place because of drought to find better settlements and they know Nigeria has green lands. It is just what is happening in Southern Kaduna.


As one of the officials of PFN, how can unity between PFN and CAN be fostered?

There is no disunity between us and I am saying that with all responsibility. PFN did not prepare for the national crisis and attack on it. Former national president, Ayo Oritsejafor, laid a foundation; he saw the crisis coming and started setting boundaries and some efforts to forestall what will come in the future. He acted like a prophet, but others said he overdid it. So, everybody condemned and isolated him till now. PFN has been the association to keep the balance and we have been cool-headed in the midst of these crises and trying to reconcile all sides. Our leader is in his 70s; he doesn’t rush things. So, PFN is not affected at all. Presently, we are the peacemakers and the association that is showing the direction. Though CAN got overwhelmed, now it is getting its act right. It is painful the few mistakes have unsettled us a little, but those mistakes have not wounded us.

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