Inferno disaster: FIR ICT equipment in Yola destroyed

A fire incident suspected to have emanated from electric fault has destroyed ICT equipment worth millions of naira at the ICT Centre of the Federal Information Resources (FIR)  Centre Yola, Adamawa state capital on Saturday last week around 3.p.m.
Items destroyed include 26 desktop computers, 26 chairs, 26 tables, 6 split Air Conditioners, 6 CCTV cameras, 54 Energy sever light and 2 fire extinguishers.


Edison Achati, Information officer two of the Centre who confirmed the development said already relevant authorities have been informed and thanked almighty that no life was lost.
He added that the destruction may slightly affect the operation of the centre and was optimistic that damaged items would be replaced soon.
Achati commended those that rendered assistance in curtailing the spread of the fire to other parts of the Federal Information Resources (FIR) building complex



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