Independence Day: Nigeria is great but in wrong hands, says Clergy

The Convener of Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN), Prophet Isa El-Buba has said that Nigeria is a great nation but has been governed by the wrong persons.

Addressing journalists to mark the 61s independence of the country, El-Buba challenged Nigerians to use the independence anniversary to change the story of the country by participating actively in the electoral process in 2023.

He said that Nigeria needs to have a change of leadership, and a crop of bright minds, people that are visionary, people that have the charisma, the capacity and the competence, not just policymakers.

“The story of Nigeria is like what happened to the creation of the earth, and I want to encourage every Nigerian to know that there is a future for this country, this country is going to survive, is not only going to survive, but Nigeria is going to succeed as one of the great nations on earth.

“Now, if anyone that is of the scriptures, as a Christian, from the bible, you see, the bible says in the beginning, God created the earth, and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

“Now one of the things we see there is beautiful created earth, and then, later on, there was a disruption, and that process took some time, and then there was a restoration. Nigeria is going through that phase, where everything seems to be module up, the level of insecurity, the level of killing that will find, the level of destruction in our economy.

“But I want to challenge every one of us that in this 61st independence anniversary of Nigeria, we can decide to change our story. And I want to encourage every young person that at this particular time, this year, we must be determined as the people to say that we are going to do what is right,” he said.

He said politicians must not be allowed to direct the affairs of this country by themselves, “but we as the Nigerian people, we must decide by ourselves to say that we are going to mobilize our resources to raise credible leaders who have all it takes to be able to pull us through.

“And I tell you this, that nobody’s going to do that until the ordinary people decide by themselves that they’re going to change their story, we cannot continue to be going on and on and on 61 years as a nation, and where we are, Nigeria is one of the greatest nations with human resources with, with capital in terms of natural resources that God has given us.

“But then, for us to be able to harness these resources, we as a people must put our hands together and join the people that will initiate for a new Nigeria,” he added

The Clergy said he has been traversing the entire country, raising men and women, for him to be able to bring on board the right men from all the sections of Nigeria, regardless of the tribe, religion.

Speaking on the 2023 general election, El-Buba urged Nigerians especially the youth to ensure they get registered and obtain the Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

“People have said, even if we go register, our votes will not count, not this time around, that’s when we are mobilizing Nigerians in every polling unit, raising 10 polling unit ambassadors who are going to be defenders of the vote.

“This time around the vote is going to count; we are raising 10 polling unit ambassadors in 200,000 polling units. So that’s to tell you that this time around, we mean business and we’re not going to allow anybody to manipulate our votes in this time.

“And so I encourage you to go register, everything about the election has to do with population, it has to do with the number and this time around, we want to see 40 million credible Nigerians properly registered and ready for the vote,” he stated.


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