Importance of essay writing for international students

For any foreign student, entering an American college or university is associated with high demands for performance. You may find out that things are much more complicated at your new school and that you really struggle to write even a simple essay on a common topic. In fact, you may ask “Why write essays at all?” You may be surprised, but there are ways for you as an international student to benefit from writing essays. From boosting performance to finding new friends, essay writing may turn out to be more than just a routine task. 

Earning good grades easily

Even if your performance has always been remarkable at home, you may find it difficult to get the same high grades in your new school. At the very least, you need time to assimilate and get comfortable with everything being different. Meanwhile, you can take your English 101 essay as an opportunity to get a good grade. You don’t need to conduct extensive research or possess special knowledge to write this kind of assignment. Essay writing will let you perform fine while you are getting ready to take on more complex academic papers

Learning a foreign language

As an English-language learner, you are particularly challenged by tuition in the US. Your tests are most likely properly written, but you may still struggle to communicate fluently and find it hard to cope with new vocabulary. In case you are constantly improving your English, writing essays will be an excellent motivation to read more articles online and learn new words in different topics. Exploring trends on social media, you will come through some relevant English vocabulary that you will now use more often. If you still feel exhausted with the new tasks, ask an essay writing service e.g. to help you cope with difficult parts of your paper. Professional essay writers will customize your papers according to your requirements.

Exploring realities of foreign countries

When you move to the US, it’s not only the foreign language that you learn. You discover an unfamiliar culture that can be completely new to you as an international student. Now, there is no need to surf Facebook or watch YouTube blogs to see what a new country looks like. You may explore it yourself by communicating with people and even writing an essay. English 101 often requires you to speak on current American reality, custom, or tradition that you know little about. While Americans may describe their essay topics as boring and “nothing special,” you may find them much more compelling as an international student. If you find it hard to explain any American concept that is new to you, you may contact the professional writers who will help you online at an affordable price. 

Getting along with peers

Have you ever tried doing your homework together with peers? It is much more fun than sitting alone in your apartment or watching others having fun on campus while you are struggling with papers on your own. An essay is just the right assignment to do together with your new mates. Writing your essays in a group, you will be able to brainstorm when someone comes across a complex issue. And of course, you may ask your friends to explain to you something you don’t understand yet. Also, studying together is a good chance to distract productively. Laughing with peers, you can actually relax, which is impossible if you start ruminating or checking your social media. 

Speaking out your opinion

The ultimate goal of many essays is to get your point on troubling or controversial issues. Teachers gladly pick human rights, environmental problems, and ethical dilemmas as topics to make you speak out. What is your stance on LGBT marriages or vaccination? Do you approve the death penalty? You may find it easy to answer some of these questions. If you don’t, perhaps it’s time to research these phenomena a bit more and make your own mind. 

Distracting from complex tasks

If you don’t feel like taking on your research or term paper, you can always use an essay as a starting point for getting your homework done. Essay writing can be more interesting than people think, and you can actually use it as a warm-up before doing a complex task. To make the most of your essay, think of your personal attitude to the topic. Have you or your friends ever experienced the problem raised? What would you personally do if such a situation happens? You can make your mind much more active as you analyze your topic. 

Starting off your academic progress

Have you considered taking a teacher’s or a researcher’s career? If you plan to make an academic impact on any scholarly field, you will have to complete hundreds of papers. Many of them can be even more complex than you expect. But you have to start with something easier, such as writing an essay. You can learn a lot about formatting and citations if you have to write a couple of pages for any subject. Of course, an essay is not a dissertation, and it doesn’t weigh much on the curriculum. But when you can deal with all sorts of essays, you will have less fear proceeding to complex assignments that await a future scholar. 

An essay is one of the easiest tasks at any college. Completing this task can be more fun than you expect. As an international student, you can benefit from essay writing in many ways, which will only help you get better at academics and feel more comfortable in your new school.


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