Imo: PDP urges Nigerians to continue to believe in Party

The Kaduna chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on Nigerians to continue to believe in the Party following the recent Supreme Court ruling which reversed the election of the governorship election in Imo State in favour of All Progressive Congress (APC).

Speaking on the recent Imo governorship judgment delivered by the Supreme Court on Sunday, the state chairman of the party, Mr Felix Hayat, noted that since the APC government came to being in 2015, the PDP has suffered immeasurable degrees of maltreatments of malignant proportion by the APC government.

He said the recent judgments by the Supreme Court which ousted Emeka Ihedioha in Imo State in favour of Sen Hope Uzodimma is a pertinent example, among other multitudes, how the mandates given to the PDP by the electorates, in many constituencies in Nigeria were queerly stolen by the APC-led government.


“It is shameful that, after four years in office, APC lacks the proficiency to endear itself to the hearts of the electorates, the party is being jettisoned; it resorted to arm-twisting electoral processes, dictating for INEC, using security apparatuses to clamp down on dissenting voices and coerced the judiciary in a drive to pervasively claim seats.

“The APC government in Nigeria is undemocratic and it is popular for its contempt for the rule of law.

“Therefore, the power of the Nigerian constitution and its supremacy and the veracity of the Electoral Act as a guide to credible election are relegated to the backdrop.

“The government lacks the propensity for the rule of law and it does not have respect for a legitimate process to institute a genuine government.”

According to the former minister of aviation, ” Given the above scene, PDP is calling on all the institutions that are backed by law to conduction/provide security to adhere strictly to the principle and ethics guiding their profession.

“We’re assuring all Nigerians that PDP will no longer sit idly while the ruling APC continues to destroy all democratic gains, achieved by our great party in all facets of the economy.

“We want all Nigerians to remain resolute and continue to believe in the PDP.

To this end, he remarked that PDP feel shortchanged by the judgement of the Supreme Court and “we are of the firm belief that the APC government is determined to get in the courts what they failed to get through the electoral process.

“We are aware that Sokoto, Bauchi, Benue and Kano is in the offing. Our party will not sit by idly and watch while electoral victories are snatched away from us through judicial pronouncements that are more of executive orders.

“Our position, however, is to stand in solidarity with the Imo people, the PDP INEC’s decision calling on the supreme court to correct its errors and reverse itself in view of the monument injustice done to the good people of Imo State and the denial of a mandate freely given o the PDP by them.”

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