‘I’m no longer bothered about what people say about my boobs’

Fast-rising actress, Peju Johnson, believes she has what it takes to take her career to the next level. While people believe that her beauty is getting her the roles, the believes otherwise, saying beauty alone does not guarantee success for an actress. In this interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO, she speaks about life as an actress and what it means to be a celebrity.

You are fast becoming a popular name in the movie industry despite the fact that you are still relatively new in the game. How have you been coping with this new lease of life?

I have been coping. I don’t think I am even seeing myself in that light. I have been working hard, paying attention to my craft and making sure that the job is done well. I am also happy that some people are paying attention to what I do and are showing me so much love. This, for me, is a big moment in my acting life and I hope I can sustain it.


Looking at how your career has turned out, would you have believed that you could get to this level this quick?

No one can say what the future holds for him or her. But we can work and keep our hopes high even as we trust God to make our plans perfect. It will surprise to you know that I never thought I would be here in a short while. It has been the grace of God that got me here and I am counting on that grace to move from this level to the next level. I don’t take the grace of God for granted because I am not the only one that came into the industry the time I came in. So for me to have been noticed, I believe God is taking me to a bigger place.


How have you been living up to the expectations of the industry?

The job is extremely stressful but people think our job is easy because they always see the end result. For me, apart from passion that has kept me on my feet, one thing that I don’t joke without is my quest to keep getting better. You are only as good as your last movie, so one must keep striving to get better. It may not be easy but it always pays off. At this point, there is no looking back for me. The dream is to keep going.


Was acting what you have always loved to do or you found yourself here by chance?

I have always had passion for acting. I have never thought of doing something else but acting. Acting comes naturally for me and I keep giving it my best each time I have the opportunity to do what I love doing.


What exactly do you like about being an actress?

I really love the acting part of the job and also the production. This is what I have always wanted to do and I am glad I am currently living my dreams. I think watching myself on the TV, especially when people call to tell me they are seeing my movies, is the most thrilling aspect of the job for me.


You have featured in a number of movies that people commended you for, but it seems you are still very much underrated. Does this not put you under any pressure?

Nothing puts me under pressure. I am always on top of pressure. I think it is normal for people to look down or rate you low. It doesn’t mean I am not good, It may have to do with the fact that they have not seen the best of me yet and they want to see it. So, this fuels my passion to keep challenging myself as I grow on the job. I am good where I am right now and I am looking forward to a wonderful experience as the New Year approaches.


Having a pretty face is usually a plus for new actresses. Will it be safe to say that producers like to cast you in movies because you are beautiful and endowed?

I don’t think that’s right but I can’t speak for the producers. One thing we must learn is that pretty faces alone are not enough to take you far in this industry. If beauty is the only thing you have got to offer, then you should be ready to be dumped because when that beauty fades, you will need something else to keep you going. I guess the producers just want to work with new faces and I am one of the new faces that people like to see on their screens. As far as I am concerned, my brand is a forever thing and It’s here to stay by the grace of God.


actingYou have this penchant for entertaining your fans on social media. People say they love you because you always put your boobs on display always. Is this your staying power?

That’s not true. I have always been like this even before I started acting. What people see on social media is the real me. If I am not acting right now, I’m still going to be like that. So it has nothing to do with strategy or secret to stay relevant. It is just me doing what makes me comfortable.


So you are enjoying being tagged somebody who likes to draw attention to herself with her boobs?

I’m not even bothered. Those who know me know how much I hate drama or attention. I’m just doing my thing. I don’t pretend, that was the real me before acting and I can’t stop doing it now because I’m acting. So, I’m not even bothered about what they think.


Some of your colleagues say you don’t relate with them. Don’t you trust them enough to make them your friends?

It is sad that people don’t know that I am an introvert. I don’t really like making too much friends, even outside the industry. I have just a few friends, I’m used to that kind of life.  That’s why it seems I don’t relate with my colleagues but I’m actually not trying to distance myself from them. I’m just like that, it’s my nature


How have you been coping with advances from men?

It has not been easy but I am dealing with it very well because it is not everyone you give access into your life. I choose who I want to talk to or reply to anytime. I guess that helps to reduce the pressure.


It must really be hard finding true love, isn’t it?

You are right. It was really hard finding love but I have found one.


Are you sure he’s the right one for you?

We are both in love with each other, though no one knows tomorrow.


So are you settling down very soon?

If God says 2020 is good, then we are good.


What are you working on currently?

I’m currently working on my own production. In a few weeks, I should execute it.

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